Cars and Their Stereotypes

So, I’ve played around with cars from all over the world. British, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, and lastly, American. I’ve noticed that the cars generally take on some of the stereotypes of their country of origin.

For instance, one of the French stereotypes is..well..being fucking French. You know, lazy and stubborn. The car that I drove, well, it didn’t want to change from whatever it was doing. If I hit the gas it didn’t want to move forward, if I turned the wheel or hit the brakes it was going to just plow straight ahead. It was truly one of the most ornery cars I have ever driven.

The German cars were all business. They really had no individual quirks and they were built for their one purpose. The Mercedes was built for touring and it was a compliant enough ride for that. The BMW was, well, more of a drivers car; I could feel every little rut in the road. Now, the Audi was incredibly sterile and it did what was told without any fuss. They’re don’t get excited about seeing them.

The Japanese cars I’ve played with tended to have 2 sides to them. They looked pure business; they’d be those cars that you’d see and never give a second thought to. But they’ve all had some hidden trait that made them fun to play around with. Some of them may have an amazing chassis setup, some may be seriously overpowered for the good of the car, but they all have something going for them.

And what can I say about American cars? They tend to be huge and heavy. I had the displeasure of having to push a 4-door 4×4 Blazer up a slight incline this past weekend. 4000 lbs up a 2 degree incline is damned near impossible. Now, the truly sad part is that there are cars out there that weigh that much. Now, if that’s not bad enough, one of the F-150s weighs in at about 4300 lbs. The Explorer we have weighs slightly more. For their bulk, they really don’t seem too big once you’re actually inside of one.

I’m sure that I could think of more, but I’m half asleep.

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