* These functions manipulate dirty rectangles for optimised blitting.

– from a comment in the libcaca source code

‘kay.  No more Sequential Art at work…  When phrases like “Aww… I can almost see her furry little…” start entering one’s mind, it’s time to change focus.  I almost typed “foxus.”  I think I have a problem.


I wanna catgirl.  ^_^


The Chad:  DMFA:  Is it SFW?  ’cause both FF and Sequential Art are.


LOL – someone noted that the top button on my shirt kept popping open.  (It’s an old shirt and the buttonhole is stretched out.)  Out of nowhere, the response from me was “Oh yeah, I’m just that sexy that the buttons won’t stay closed.  They’re no match for the awesome manliness trying to escape.”  And I kept walking.


I’ve had a triple shot in the dark.  It was used to counteract an overdose of loratadine.  That was a fun morning.  Like bipolar in a cup.  Go from sleeping to calculating pi and back to sleeping in a few minutes.


Our enterprise software change management system is strange.  When you right-click on a package and select “check out,” the action that I would assume is that it would check out all versions that already exist in the package.  That’s not the case.  It attempts to check out the ENTIRE SOURCE TREE of the project through the package.  Now since this is a massive application I’m working on, the source tree runs into the terrabytes.  There’ve been many times I’ve watched my laptop’s hard drive fill up before I realized that I was checking out the entire source tree for editing.  Getting it checked back in is a PITA, too, since you can’t actually check it back in – you have to release the reservation on the files, then delete them from your hard drive.  If you do the opposite, you create deletion tags in the package…  Source control should NOT be this hairy.



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