Caturday Stickies


First panel is LOL.

Things I refuse to watch without uhh… moral support:


1.  The Lion King.

2.  Return of the King.

3.  Dragonheart.

4.  Secret of NIMH only if you make me watch the scene with the crows right before the end credits.  BTW, the music doesn’t get to me anymore now that I’ve had to learn it for the Stick.

5.  The end credits of Land Before Time but only because the music has a lot of emotions attached to it.  The movie itself is kinda dumb.

6.  The series finale of The Adventures of Pinky and Blinky of all things.  Yes, an obscure foreign kids’ series about koalas with supernatural powers.

7.  Labyrinth.

8.  Soylent Green.

9.  Watership Down.

10.  Charlotte’s Web, even though the book doesn’t bother me.

11.  Silent Running.


Things I won’t ever watch, period, because they’re so depressing as to be not worth watching:


1.  Toy Story 3.

2.  Wall-E.


Things I won’t watch because the writing is horrible:


1.  FernGully.

2.  Shanghai Knights.

3.  The Secret Garden / Bridge to Terabithia / Where The Red Fern Grows / A Taste of Blackberries / The Scarlet Ibis / any other ridiculous childrens book-turned-movie.  Surprisingly, the movie adaptation of A Separate Peace, while boring, was well-adapted, albiet from a boring book.

4.  Forrest Gump.

5.  Rent.

6.  Marley and Me.


Things I won’t watch because they have unpleasant memories attached:


1.  Shanghai Knights.


Things that are very dangerous to my mental stability:


1.  Equilibrium.


That’s just cruel, okay?  Not funny in the least.  Girls should NOT ask a dude they know has a crush on them to zip up their dress to go on a date with someone other than them.  It’s just plain evil in every sense.


Genetics, biochemistry, and intelligence.  Three sides of a two-sided battle.  Genetically, diversity is the best option.  Biochemically, an emotionally-fulfilling relationship is the best option.  Intelligently, staying as far away from the opposite sex as possible makes the most sense.


Ah.  Okay.  Amy is a squirrel.  Without color it’s really hard to tell a mink from a squirrel when Eric Schwartz draws them.  And I can’t read Sabrina Online for that reason:  I can’t mentally separate Minerva from Amy due to the overwhelming similarities in their facial features.


And I am now up to date on Freefall.  And still get that squidgey feeling in my stomach when I consider Florence and Winston.  Though not as much.  Bonus, I found the black and white switch.


Huh…  Even though she shows me how emotions are SUPPOSED to work, she also shows me how I’ve been subverting them.  Mainly because she HAS to subvert them.  I don’t.


Wow!  Kinda sucks that she’s taken – Florence is one sexy wolf!


Okay.  THAT’s unexpected.  I cannot account for my… reaction to that one.




The Florence vs. the Mayor story arc is a lot like a Shadowrun.


Aside from the lupinity, I’d totally be into someone with Florence’s personality.


p+ is the older, outdated notation for e+ (a positron).  Positron emission or radiation is notated as β+ (normal Beta decay is just β but may be notated as β- for contrast).


teh coffee is weak and watery today


Wow.  I should try saving the world.


LOL.  Apparently, I’m not alone.  My cubemate hates his wife and a lady here is trying to like a guy she knows she should like but for some reason doesn’t.


And some random lady was discussing what she considered a good date and apparently it ends with the guy vomiting in her lap and passing out on the bus.  Remind me never to date her.  Then again she’s pretty damn old so I don’t think there’s much of a risk there.


As odd as it sounds, I think I would like the feel of claws digging into me under the right circumstances.


I am somehow accumulating unused plastic forks at an alarming rate.


LOL – “Just because his stomach is in his head and he has no lungs doesn’t mean he’s an alien.”


A lady just said “monetize that.”  WTF?  Since when are “monetize” and “commoditize” valid words?


Coffee is for soaking up beards… no that’s not right.  Lemme try again:


Beards are for soaking up coffee that runs out of your mouth.  Beer too.

LOL – I’ve been playing strings too long.  When I play on a keyboard instrument, I find myself adding vibrato to punctuate certain voicings.  Except that it looks really weird and does nothing.  Wiggling your fingers back and forth on keys doesn’t help the sound, unlike strings.


It’s snowing.  Snow invokes my snuggling instinct.


Kay.  I need a backup backup plan.  I need to swap the contents of the two disks.


For some reason, all catgirls seem to be able to rock the muff extremely cutely.


Yayyy Deadly Laser Death Time With LASERS!!!


And the face Kat’s making in the second panel is heartbreaking.


Squirrelgirls are squeetastic!




😦  Even though this is my second time through, Scarlet’s dialog here is a funny aneurysm moment since it’s funny until you realize she’s being burned alive.


You know, I think GLaDOS was far less crazy than OZBASIC.


See, this ( explains the random “squirrely panties” comment last night.

Aww… what a neat coincidence – both of the innd cronjob fortunes are from the PoM file:


CentOS release 5.5 (Final)

Today is Boomtime, the 45th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3176

08:01:47 up 12 days, 21:32,  0 users,  load average: 0.61, 0.25, 0.14

USER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT

Mort (inside Rico): Umm… Okay.  Which of the colors is blue?

Mort: Is this a blue wire?

Rico: <shrieks>

Kowalski: No, I believe that’s a kidney.

– All Choked Up



CentOS release 5.5 (Final)

Today is Boomtime, the 45th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3176

08:01:47 up 12 days, 21:32,  0 users,  load average: 0.61, 0.25, 0.14

USER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT

Private: Is it safe, Skipper?

Skipper: Kowalski?

Kowalski: Technically speaking, maybe.

– Launchtime

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