Some Ramblings

1. I want to shoot whoever came up with the idea of golumpki/holishkes (the difference being that the latter is baked in tomato sauce/soup..which is how we’ve always done it). I mean, seriously, who the hell thinks that it’s a good idea to take a cabbage out of almost boiling water, peeling it, putting it back in, and stuffing the leaves with the meat mixture while everything is still 200 degrees?! It’s painful and infuriating when the damned leaves aren’t big enough and the meat falls out and all over you. Or, it’s just as fun when the fuckers break while trying to fold them over and hence get sprayed with every single thing inside that somehow is still 200 degrees. I fucking hate making those damned pieces of pure hell.

2. I was looking over a settlement offer and it’s amazing how lawyers can make something simple and stretch it out to…14 pages. Basically, the gist of it is that we were underpaid for something because some funny math was going on that shouldn’t have been, so we get back whatever we shouldn’t have lost; in this case it’s about 20% of a..well..large sum. I’ve never settled before, but it’s tempting and it’d be exactly what the differential is so it’s not really a gain/loss on either of our parts.

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