I wish the MPs were still around.  Acid Tests must’ve been an interesting thing to see.  But they’d be labelled as terrorists nowadays.

WHOA!  People with AS tend toward furry fandom because the parts of our brains that pick up on human expressions of emotion aren’t wired right.  We “get” anthros and identify with them more readily.  That’s why Freefall has been teaching me all these life lessons!

Aww… now that I’ve been through it, it’s neat to watch other people slowly come to the realization…  Kinda like watching a Masonic degree.

And they wonder why there are people like me.

And I am now up to date on Sequential Art and don’t want to read any more Freefall today.  I know my limits on that one.  Lemme see if I like Faux Pas…

Pleh.  Not anthro enough.  And not gonna try any others in case they’re NSFW.  I wonder why I have so many stickies.


Much as I hate the idea of keeping sentient beings locked up against their will, sometimes it really is for the best.

Though, to be completely honest, I have to say I prefer the big, fluffy robe at least as much as the skimpy sweaters.  There’s something to be said for snuggle value.  A lot actually.

And they wonder why…

Kat could touch my bits without asking… ^_^

Heh.  If the wii had better games, I’d buy one.  A decent interactive melee combat game would be awesome.  Something better than just holding a stick and standing there.

And.  They.  Wonder….

Capsicum isn’t toxic to dogs.  But neither can they sense capsaicin, so it’s essentially a bland fruit to them.  Not to mention it offers zero nutritional benefit to an obligate carnivore.

I really hate scripts that think they’re smarter than they are.

I have a suite of system optimization checks that I do when I setup a new *nix box.  The script is designed to check if striped swapping is enabled when there are multiple swap partitions.  It does NOT check if those swap partitions are even on separate disks.  Hence, I had to keep hitting “ignore” whenever the script told me that my two swap partitions (one on each disk) weren’t set up for striped swapping.  Striped swapping is only useful on serially-attached devices or parallel devices on a terminally-mastered bus (e.g. SCSI, SAS, SATA, FC-AL, FC-SF, etc.)  and IDE only when each disk is on its own bus.  Since that’s not the case here, there’s nothing to be gained from striped swapping.

The copyrght date seems entirely appropriate here.  I like this cartoonist.

Honestly, yes.  She would make an excellent doctor.  She has the perfect combination of competence and empathy.

Interestingly, they hit the nail on the head here:  DOS and UNIX are operating systems.  They provide an abstraction of the computing resources in a form that userland applications can make use of to perform meaningful work.  Windows is not an OS.  Windows is yet another abstraction layer, this time lowering the bar of “useful work” to that which a human can process.

Huh… a very interesting point.  At a statistical and probability level, what is there to distinguish society and shared cultural values in a population from repeating intervals of line noise on a baseband spectrum.

This is the #1 reason I’ve always wanted a big fluffy tail.

Huh.  That is an valid ethical question:  Is it more right to kill a bunch of people who only doing what they think is right and what they ought to have a right to do if what they’re doing places more people in direct harm through no fault of the actors?

I find it interesting that my earlier analysis about Florence being the poster wolf for nonhuman rights is still valid a few dozen strips later.

First time Florence’s been drawn with teeth while not smiling.

Vogon:  Mr. President!  We are here to rescue you!  Open fire!

Ethics != blind servile behavior.  Laws are there to set limits on what’s acceptable in civilized society, not what’s right.

I agree with Sam.

If I had learned that lesson, I would’ve done a test restore on Minecraft long ago.  I trusted that the system reports were correct.  But there’s nothing to protect you when a sensor malfunctions.

These are valid ethical questions that need to be explored.

Damn skippy they do.

I simultaneously want to slap that kid and buy him a puppy.  I’m comfortable with Florence and Winston dating.  I just don’t want to have to see them kiss.  Like the time at Matt’s graduation where Theresa and I ended up going outside so we could both avoid ripping 2.0’s throat out…

Planned hyperspace bypass anyone?

Electronics scavenging is quite fun.

LOL@ Cameo in Panel 2.  IMMD.

I really hope I can go on a date this cool someday.

This is also why I like this strip:  the geeky jokes.

Ouch.  I like these boundaries.  If more girls were like Florence, then things might be easier for me to understand.


This is why I relate to Florence so easily.

You know this is actually helping a lot.  I’m seeing that Florence’s interactions with the crew have not changed one bit since she started dating Winston.  Now if only real people were as perfectly designed as she is, I’d have this emotion thing down pat.

LOL Ninja Florence is awesome!

You know, honestly, reading Freefall has made me a better engineer.  Knowing what not to do (Sam) is as important as knowing how to react to emergencies (Florence).

I never did get that.  If I went to sleep, I was useless for problem solving until the next morning.  So I didn’t sleep.  Then I was useless the entire next day.

LOL@ “Don’t breathe that!”

Sam is awesome.  It’s almost like there are two comic strips here:  the Sam/Helix strip that’s funny and the Florence/Winston/Robots/etc. strips that deal with the serious ethical questions of genetic modification.

This is why I read this comic.

It’s still hard seeing Florence in pain once in a while…  H/C fic anyone?  (Kidding – H/C fic is disturbing to say the least.)

LOL@ Florence’s expression in the last panel.

Yayy TF2!

Erm.  He’s right.  Alcohol just delays the body’s immune response.  Rest and plenty of fluids are the only help for any kind of virus.  That said, alcohol does help sore throats because it numbs some of the pain receptors in the throat and mouth.

… Honestly, Scarlet would be really fun to date for a while but there would rapidly come a point where it just wouldn’t be worth it.

Yeah.  I’ve been there.  It’s not pleasant.

O.O  I’m with Art on this one.

Scarlet is me in female squirrel form.  Well, if I were 100x hotter.

I like this artist.


That was Karen at our first Gen Con.  She didn’t exactly do ‘Elf’ well.  She wasn’t built for it.

Pip is awesome.

‘Nuff of that for me today.  When the phrase “Mmmm…. squirrelly boobs” enters one’s brain, it’s time for a break.  Chad, can you please hurry up assisting me a little.  This is even starting to creep me out.  Thanks!

Scarlet is mean.  And yet I’d still give her my cupcake.

Art is a good guy.

This makes me giggle.  A lot.  Especially at pip’s complete unfazedness.

LOL – 2006 was when Alienware released the 2nd gen cases like the one I’ve got.

I can’t stand this stereotype.  I go out of my way to assist people because of it.  But for some reason, I always come off as condescending even when I’m not trying to be.

I think I’m going to like this comic.

That seems oddly familiar…

Sadly, this is true.  Step 1:  Get rid of any toxins remaining in digestive tract.  Step 2:  hydrate.  Repeat step 2 until you feel better.  You don’t have to repeat step 1 but you probably will every few hours anyway.  😦

Pip is -not- helping any…

And neither is this…  But Kat is sooooo cute when she’s sleeping.

… 😐  I resent that one.

This is the perfect comic:  Intelligent nerdy penguin trying to sell intellectually-challenged, cute, hyper, naked squirrel chick on the ‘net.


lol @ translation of Hydroelectric Power Plant into German as “hydroactive force-weed

New comic:

Also, possibly

My Problem with Sympathetic Female Comic Characters explained in numbers:

8-Bit Theater:  ~200 strips, White Mage.

OotS:  Still waiting, surprisingly.  Perhaps Haley just isn’t my type.

Freefall:  10 strips.  Florence.  She’s smart, outspoken, assertive, imaginative, adventurous, compassionate, and noble.  I can’t think of a more perfect personality package for a character.  Notwithstanding that she’s a hyperevolved wolf.  Of course it doesn’t hurt either.

Heh.  Florence prefers blood in her coffee because, well duh, she’s a wolf.  Skipper prefers a beheaded fish in his because, well, he’s a penguin.  Makes perfect sense in context.  F.Y.I., raw fish coffee tastes pretty damn bad to a human.  Though I didn’t use real raw fish, just pasteurized fish oil.  Not gonna try putting cow blood in coffee.  We all know how that would end.

Death to the unconscious!

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