Friday Stickies

The wordpress editing theme changed… I like it.

& bitwise AND

&= bitwise AND assignment

| bitwise OR

|= bitwise OR assignment

^ bitwise XOR

^= bitwise XOR assignment

~ bitwise NOT

~= bitwise NOT assignment

<< bitwise left shift w/carry (multiplication by 2)

>> bitwise right shift w/carry (division by 2)

** exponentiation


== equality

!= inequality

&& logical AND

|| logical OR

> greater than

< less than

>= greater than or equal to

<= less than or equal to

! logical NOT

? logical IF (compounds with : to form clauses)


+ addition

+= addition assignment

++ incrementation

– subtraction

-= subtraction assignment

— decrementation

* multiplication

*= multiplication assignment

/ division

/= division assignment

% modulus

%= modulus assignment

<=> signum differentiae (spaceship)

~# hairy voodoo


& reference

* indirection (dereference)

-> structured indirection




LOL – Rick Astley sang backup on Can You Feel The Love Tonight in The Lion King.


The coffee this morning sucks.  I keep accidentally clicking the Windows Media Player icon on my taskbar and I don’t want to remove it because then it would make my taskbar less complete.  Even though I have no use for it ever.

Lol I was told that the “fag” links on one of our brands weren’t working.  I think he meant, “faq” links but “fag” links are funnier.


Now THAT’d be sweet!


Now this morning, the coffee is good.


On the ‘net I tend to use the phrase “full stop” instead of “period” for the default demonstrative end-of-sentence mark.  Not only is is more widely-known internationally, it’s the correct term for the entire class of marks that serve this purpose in linguistics.


LOL – I read “No More Heroes” on TVTropes and read it as “No More Herpes.”
Well that causes no end of depression.  Short answer:  There’s absolutely no hope for me and I may as well give up because I don’t understand and trying harder won’t help any.

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