Sleep Pasting

So I guess I’m awake now.

Last night, I fell asleep right around midnight.  A bit later than I’d like, but it was fine.  Then, from about 2:45 until nearly 5:00, I was waking up every few minutes, completely unable to maintain sleep, with no discernible cause—which, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, left me rather unhappy.  But then I did sleep, because I found the solution, and now I’m actually awake.  Or, if not, you’ll never see this post anyway.

Because here’s my problem:  I’m not certain I was waking up at all.  In the light of morning (or my computer monitor, anyway), I’m finding that my solution for returning to sleep makes no sense, and took about an hour and a half to implement.  It’s already begun to fade, but best I can tell, I had very old pictures (late 19th/early 20th century) which were keeping me awake because they were unhappy.  In order to convince them to allow me to sleep, I was going to have to make them happy, which seems primarily to have involved pasting them onto pictures of southeast Asia—particularly some really nifty Buddhist shrines.  Perhaps they wanted a vacation.

In any event, those pictures do not exist, and the whole solution, as I noted, is fading like a dream—as is the very memory of having been forced into wakefulness for a large portion of my night.  And yet I feel as though I got no sleep last night.  My eyes are still drooping, I’m having trouble staying upright, etc. all as if I had slept for only a few brief hours—which I think we all know is often worse than not sleeping at all.  Who knows?  Perhaps I was so driven to despair by my need to sleep that I simply fabricated a solution for myself that my sleepy/not-sleepy brain was willing to accept as the correct password for unconsciousness.

Whatever happened though, I’m gonna go get some coffee now.

  1. #1 by Joshua on November 17, 2010 - 7:26 AM

    Strange. Well coffee is always a good answer anyway. Except for insomnia. Or imaginged insomnia as the case may be.

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