Friday Stickies

One of my friends played strip scrabble with insanely hot girls in high school.  I wasn’t invited.  😦

My mom used my /dev/mug to eat soup.  To me that’s a bit like using a diamond ring to pound nails.

It’d be neat to see if an MIT grad team could build this.

This is the one I was trying to find before.

Is why I post on Teh Table.

LOL – I am totally that guy.  I don’t show interest in anyone unless they show it first.  Otherwise it’s unwelcome attention and I can go to jail. 😦

I love GNU autoconf and friends.

uhh… MD_update() is the Linux metadevice (software RAID) state update function.  (actually a wrapper around the actual mdupdate() thread that runs in the kernel but looks like a process for scheduling purposes) Just thought I’d point that out.

re Java:  AAH! Quick!  Everyone off!  The platform’s fragmenting!

The fact that this line

“Engineer: The wrench. He also has a robot hand, but that’s slightly more believable.”

is actually correct.  (see  The sad part is that having a robot hand is MORE BELIEVABLE than using a wrench as a weapon.

Lol – There was a dude around looking for one of my cubemates.  When said cubemate came back, I told him there was a short bald dude in a referee’s shirt looking for him.  He thought a minute and then laughed and said, that’s our boss’ boss’ boss!  Then he told said boss’ boss’ boss that I called him a short bald dude in a referee’s shirt.  We all laughed and the dude said it was an apt description.  If I actually worked here, that’d qualify as a CLM.



  1. #1 by Phillip on November 12, 2010 - 11:51 PM

    RE: &

    When I was in high school I taught this really, REALLY, cute girl how to play chess. It was only her and I in this particular study hall for some time. I remember I had the hots for her at the time, and everyone still seems to think that she’s cute/hot. Fast forward a couple years and I was over at her place playing Monopoly..heh..I still remember where her tattoos are.

    Then, in high school, I was tackled by……Erin something or other…. in our engineering tech class onto one of the tables and pinned there. As I was pinned there, I was smothered in lipstick; for some reason I had some weird looks the rest of the day.

    Those 2 I kind of caught on after the fact that they might be interested. Just a couple months ago I went out for a dinner with my cousin and when we left the only thing my cousin said was, “You know she was hot for you right?”

    I honestly have no idea how the hell she could tell. Subtlety definitely does not work on me.

    • #2 by Joshua on November 13, 2010 - 8:44 AM

      Lol. Me neither. But strong INTJ + mild Asperger’s doesn’t make for subtlety. Christa nearly beat me senseless trying to convince me that there is a continuum of behaviors along the friend->relationship scale and not predefined lists of acceptable behaviors at each level. I still contend that redundancy in friendship roles is unnecessary, e.g. that physical contact should be restricted to one’s active relationship – they should be responsible for providing 100% of all needed affection and if they don’t then they’re not fulfilling their part of the contract. My shrink says it doesn’t work that way. I asked him why not. He didn’t have a good answer. That’s when he said he was going to have me tested for Asperger’s. Which I have to a mild degree.

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