Europe Travel: The Middle

Day 4: This was the first actual day of work.  At least it was suppose to be.  There was nothing really for me to do.  Before it was just doing measurements and getting stuff in the right spot.  Now everyone was setting up their own stations/computers and there wasn’t much I could do.  My dad was attempting to fix a model that had cracked during shipping but nothing could be done until one of the workers with a car got us the supplies.  So from 10am to about 2pm I paced around and tried to stay warm.

And then in a glorious moment we got the password for the wireless.  I made my post then went checking through 4days of mail, comics, blogs, and facebook.  Meanwhile my dad was fighting with tech support.  When he left town they told him he had to bring a temp laptop instead of his normal one.  Unfortunately, they didn’t put any of his files/programs on the temp.  So 2hrs was spent trying to get to those.  Once that was done he had to download his two videos for the show.  Two 300mb movies going on a 25kb/s connection, and a shaky one at that, was going to take a long time.  Once it failed and had to be restarted for the second time, he decided to bite the bullet and pay for the hotel internet.

It was around 8pm before we got out of there and to the hotel.  We picked up my mom and went out to eat.  This place was a bit better price-wise than the hotel but the service was not as good.  Actually, I was still euphoric from my internet trip earlier and the thought of an extended one later so I wasn’t my usual polite self.  I ordered a sugar crepe since I didn’t want to spend much.  The waiter gave me a chocolate crepe instead.  It was creepy and ooze-y and tasted fantastic.  Afterwards, we hooked up the internet on my comp and I started the downloads my dad asked for.  Both were done within 45mins so I had the rest of the night to play around.  As revenge for charging so much I tried to use as much bandwidth as possible.

I stayed up until 2am downloading and streaming stuff before I crashed.  Even found an online alarm clock to wake me up at 5am.  I took my nap and then went looking for more stuff to download. I was told at breakfast that I could stay at the hotel today since there would be even less for me to do.

Day 5: After breakfast, I crashed again and didn’t wake up until 3pm or so.  I started watching my first download, High school of the Dead (HotD).  I had read the manga (before onemanga closed) and I was pleased they followed it so closely.  Maybe too closely since the girl’s entire chest sizes were exaggerated even more.  About 5pm I decided to go walk around.  I called my mom to see if she wanted anything while I was going and she was pissed off.  Apparently she had been waiting for me to wake up so we could go sightseeing.

Since it was too late for sightseeing, my mom and I went with my plan to find a McDonalds or something for later use.  We found a lot of café’s, 2 McDonald’s, a Pizza Hut, a Subway, and a few other food places.  Not much in the way of souvenir shops, but there would be time for that later.  The problem was finding a place where we could use American Express, MasterCard, or Visa.  Some places didn’t take any of them; most only took AMEX or MC.  We went back to the hotel and waited for my dad to come back.

Upon arrival my dad said he had a lot of work to do before the show opened the next day.  Mom and I took him to the Subway we found earlier and then let him work.  I started watching my first movie: Zombieland.  Amusing movie and a good pick considering I knew nothing about it before got it.  Tallahassee’s kill count in the final scene is a bit beyond the impossible, but since an entertaining watch.  Still in a zombie mood, I watch a few more episodes of HotD before going to bed.

Day 6: Wake up, breakfast, sleep, wake up again.  Once that was out of the way, I talked to my mom to find out what she had planned today (earlier this time).  She said we were going to Saint Chapelle, Notre Dame, and the Arc de triumph.  We get outside, start walking, and then she asks me ‘so how do we get there?’  Apparently she had expected me to guide us despite only finding out where 5mins ago.  Back to hotel, stare at bus map for 15mins, and then head out again.  First stop was Saint Chapelle.  I had no idea what it was before we got there.  Turns out it used to be the royal church before the king and queen were assassinated there (new king decided to find a different church after that).  It is known for its detailed stained glass windows.

On our way to the second spot, Notre Dame, my mom got camera happy.  Every 5~20ft she was stopping to take a picture of something.  Normally, I’d be fine with this but as I stated earlier I was cold.  Finally we got to Notre Dame.  I knew it was a cathedral and there was something about Quasimodo living there but not much else.  It had more stained glass and some carved woodwork about Jesus.  About half way through my mom started complaining her pictures weren’t coming out well.  This was because a) we’re not allowed to use the flash in there b) the ropes keep us at least 5ft away from most things and c) she has trouble keeping the camera steady to take the shots.  Not really problems either of us solve, so she started taking three times as many pictures hoping some of them would come out.  Naturally, the battery in her camera died

Because of the dead battery we went back to the hotel instead of the arc.  While she charged her camera, I started watching my second movie, Good Burger.  Really old and cheesy nickelodeon movie but I had never gotten around to downloading it.  It wasn’t as funny since I wasn’t in the target age group anymore but still a good movie.  Towards the end of the movie, 4:30pm) I got a call from mom saying her camera was taking too long to charge and now it was too late to go out again.  Side note: My mom has been reading to guide books and such.  Since it says ‘you don’t want to travel during rush hour (4pm-6pm)’ she adamantly refuses to go anyway during those 2hrs.  So we waited for my dad to get home.

For food we went out to a pizza place we found the day before.  As far as food goes, it was ok.  As far as pizza goes, it failed horribly. The crust was too thin, there wasn’t enough sauce and some of the toppings weren’t what we were expecting.  After dinner I watched the rest of HotD and my last movie, Repo: the Genetic opera.  I didn’t like the ending but it was still an ok movie.  The next day (today) we were suppose to go to the show with my dad for the day so I ironed my clothes, scheduled a wakeup call with the front desk, and then went to bed.

Not sure how many more times I’ll be able to get onto the internet.  This may be concluded when I get back to the US

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