The Adventure, Part II

Things were going well until…

We got out of sight of the cameras by hiding behind some boxes in a storeroom off the main hallway.  Since the Chemist was retconned in since the last session, we decided that the sniper was in a drum also.  We uncrated both him and the decker, who set to work creating a video loop in the local camera feed.

The mage got to work on the next camera, which he promptly broke.  It was up and working again after a quick repair job and the decker got that one looped too.  They started off down the hallway toward the objective.

The rigger alerted us to the fact that the two guards that had been outside the building were now gone, having followed after two attractive ladies.  The party proceeded down the hallway.  The first airlock proved to be no problem.  We sent the sniper through.

Immediately on the other side there was a camera staring straight at the airlock.  Reacting not very quickly, the sniper ducked into the adjacent bathroom and notified the team.  The rest of the team came through the airlock and quickly dashed off camera until the decker could loop it.

The team proceeded down the hallway until they came within range of the two cameras covering the large central lobby area.  The rigger warned them that the two guards had been replaced by two rough-looking guys and the internal security feed was showing something about an intruder alert.

It was decided that time was of the essence and the sniper took out the two lobby security cameras, giving the team clear passage across the lobby.  That is, it would have been clear passage if the security office window had gone unnoticed.

The mage was being alert and saw that a large window overlooked the lobby.  According to the map, that room was the security office.  There were security personnel in the office.  They were acting strangely:  Staring at the video feed, turning suddenly to look around them, then snapping back to the video feed.  Meanwhile, an alarm indicator flashed behind them, of which they seemed to take no note.  Seeing this as a curious situation, the mage waved his hand in front of the glass to get the guards’ attention.  It worked.  They snapped out of their odd behavior loop and went for their sidearms.

A few stunballs and some gunfire later, the guards were dead and we were a bit roughed up.  We kept moving down the hallway, but at a quicker pace now.  We made it to the door beyond which was our objective.  It was slightly ajar.  I moved to open it and got hit with a nasty burst of energy.  Suffering the ill effects of a burst of high-powered microwave radiation, I ran full-bore into the doorjamb and then into a side-office where I hid behind the door.  The mage tried the same thing I did, with exactly the same effect.  I pulled him into the room with me.

The decker lobbed a flash grenade into the room and went in, followed reluctantly by the sniper and mage.  We found another team of runners stealing *our* data.  We took them out with little effort and set ourselves up to acquire the data.  While the decker struggled with some IC, the lights went dim red, flashing to white and an alarm call sounded.  The sniper crouched in the doorway, ready to fire on anything that tried to get to us and the chemist stood in the hallway ready to intercept.

The elevator at the end of the hallway ascended.  We readied our weapons.  It descended again but no one stepped out.  A split second later, a grenade landed with a *plink*.  The flash was blinding but ineffective because we were all out of range.  The security team rounded the corner and opened fire.

The chemist took the brunt of the assault but managed to take down the guards with atropine darts.  The sniper took a hit of magic and dove for cover again.  The mage and decker were safe inside the room.

After the fight, the badly injured sniper and shellshocked mage ran to stabilize the rapidly-exsanguinating chemist.  The sniper stabilized him but the mage was unable to help due to massive fatigue.

The decker was able to complete his job successfully.  We at least got the goods and won’t have to pay back the 5,000¥ each.  The bad news is that we won’t get the other half of the pay since we ensured that at least one of us has our face on camera and most of the lower level was now riddled with bullet holes.  Not to mention the piles of corpses.

But now we had another problem:  how to get out alive.


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