Commissioning Christa

I was wondering if I could commission Christa to put her crafty skills to work for me.  I was inspired by this entry in the Jargon File:

wizard hat: n.
[also, after Terry Pratchett, pointy hat] Notional headgear worn by whoever is the wizard in a particular context. The implication is that it’s a transferable role.

I was wondering if I could do something for Christa in exchange for a pointy UNIX wizard hat.  I was sort of envisioning the generic pointy wizard hat decorated with the mysic sigils of UNIX like “#!/bin/sh” and “vi ~/.profile”  and “kill -9 %1” and “#!/usr/bin/perl”. or whatever other UNIX-y things Christa thinks ought to be there.

Or not.  If the Christa is just too busy or not interested, that’s fine too.  I still have my Hot Zombie Girlfriend up on top of my empty CD cases next to my official Dreamworks-licensed Skipper Beanie Baby.

On a completely unrelated note, I hate laptop keyboards.  Especially the one I have at work.


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