The Adventure

9:42 PM
Matchsticks, a four-star restaurant known for its seafood.
Asked for “Steward.”

We got a table with Eve Donovan and her two security thugs.  The job is to liberate some encrypted data from an internal system.  The target is Cavilard, a “research facility.”  No word on what sort of research they might be doing.  And be sneaky about it.  5K¥ per runner up front and the same on delivery—assuming we keep it quiet.

The team is:

  • Cherry Rainn — An elven face (and part-time stripper)
  • Legion — A (possibly) human rigger and his army of anthro drones
  • 8-Bit — A chinese human hermetic sorcerer
  • A human decker
  • A human sniper

We got the relevant intel from Eve, including building layout maps.  The sniper and rigger scram while the face and the decker sit down to chow.  The mage takes off for the closest mahjong parlor to blow his share of the loot.

The face and decker dig up some info on the former head of security.  Turns out he’s now one of the top meatware men in the market.  They arrange a meeting.

Meanwhile, the rigger and sniper both head out to do some surveillance work on the building.  They both get info on security shift changes but the rigger also picks up on some routine deliveries.

5:23 AM – Day 2
Abandoned Warehouse
Met with Blood

The meat man was there on schedule.  He gave us intel on the sorry state of security for the building, where and how we could access the data we wanted, and some details that weren’t on the maps that Eve gave us.  He says that we “owe him one.”  Due to the nature of his business, this is most likely to be taken literally.  In his business, costing an “arm and a leg” is almost never a figure of speech.

11:00 AM
Behind a Triad-run strip club
Met with Eve

We circled back with Eve to discuss some concerns we had about the mission.  We told her the plan to hijack the deliveries of “hazardous materials” and sneak in that way.  We just needed a few things:  An Ares master vehicle override deck, some hazmat suits, and some biohazard barrels.

Four hours later, she delivered the goods, minus the hazmat suits we forgot to ask about.  The barrels, it turns out, were *better* than the converted oil drums this delivery company used to haul the toxic substances.  Several of their safety features had to be defeated in order for them to play the part.  After a paint job and some kicking around to make them look used, we had our barrels.  The rigger took possession of the Ares VOD, which Eve said was on loan and not to be lost or damaged.  We hashed out the details of how we were going to get in:

Step 1: Intercept the delivery vehicle, a converted Ares Roadmaster.
Step 2: Swipe the hazmat suits from the three delivery boys.
Step 3: Ditch the cargo (in a ditch, interestingly).
Step 4: Dispose of the delivery boys.

Since we needed the suits intact, we couldn’t just geek the three couriers outright.  Thankfully, the mage’s job description includes subduing of noncompliant parties.

We were ready to roll.

1:37 AM – Day 3
Stretch of 405 East of the target
Intercepted delivery vehicle

The rigger took over the vehicle remotely thanks to the Ares VOD and the first of the men stepped out to see what happened.  The rigger threatened him with robotically-wielded assault rifles but he made the mistake of trying to call for help.  In his shaken state, however, he dropped his phone, which the rigger crushed beneath robotic feet.  The courier turned to run and that’s when the mage hit him with a stunball.  Lights out.

The rigger pulled the same trick with the other two, who were much more compliant than their leader was.  They stripped off their hazmat suits (and also that of their unconscious companion) and put them in our empty drums.  Then we ordered them to drag the unconscious guy out of the way.  As they were dragging, the mage hit all three of them with another stun ball.

We piled the toxic cargo in a ditch on the roadside and dragged the couriers off the road a ways.  All we found in searching them was their cell phones, which the rigger dealt with robotically.  The mage, face, and sniper all shed their gear and donned hazmat suits.  They stowed the gear in the empty barrels.  The mage then crammed the decker into the remaining empty barrel and loaded all three back onto the truck.  The decker got back into his follow vehicle and allowed the van to continue on its preprogrammed route.

2:03 AM
Research Facility loading dock
Infiltration of the facility

After the van docked with the building, there was a knock on the rear hatch.  The face opened the door and handed over the clipboard that accompanied the original cargo.  Signatures were exchanged and the security team left the area.  I don’t blame them one bit.

We acquired hand trucks from the loading dock and began to offload the barrels.  We then proceeded into the freight elevator which took us down to the lower level.  We observed the biohazard warning signs on the walls and decided that we might want to keep these suits on for a while as our disguises may also end up protecting us from whatever dreck this “research facility” was importing.


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  1. #1 by Joshua on October 15, 2010 - 12:10 PM

    Many thanks to Chad for correcting the times and providing important particulars like the team members’ names.

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