Drones So Far

Chad, this is what I have so far for my drones:

Steel Lynx Ground Combat Drone (34,500¥)
– Ares Victory Autocannon (125,000¥)
Integrated Weapons Systems DLK MK 6 Utility Machine (21,000¥)
Ferret RPD-VI Perimeter Drone (18,500¥)
– Remote Command and Control Systems (5000¥)
MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone (9,000¥)
– Sensor Pack from Lone Star Strato-9 (Provides Rating 6 Clearsight Effect) (1500¥)
– Rating 6 Signal Amplifier (1500¥)
– Homebrew grenade-dropping claw from old amusement game (0¥)

Total drone cost (without ammo): 216,000¥

3x AV Grenade for hover drone: 120¥
3x 2400 round case of belt-fed APDS for Ares Victory Cannon: 3600¥

Does it look okay so far?  Do I need some kind of remote targeting system on the GCD?  I’ll probably need more ammo for the auto-cannon with 12 rounds per phase.

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