Friday Stickies

LOL. I’m not authorized to drop the OMGSUPERCLASSIFIED buzzword filled meeting agendas in the shred bin, so my boss has me labeling them as Branding Reference Materials and setting a 6-month disposition on them, thus guaranteeing that records management will shred them for me after my contract is up.

Our ‘net connection must be in Little Rock since that’s where all the web ads target.

The last place I worked was like this.

Here’s code that checks for an anomalous condition (in this case, ACKing a packet out of sequence), and rather than logging, reporting, or discarding it, it completely ignores it. It’s analogous to

if (c) {

else {



I just ate the least ripe pear imaginable. I swear they just took a potato and painted it green.

DAMN coffee is good after a week of abstaining!

Sadly, our building has rooms for sleeping called “quiet rooms.” All you have to do is book them in advance and they’re yours for a night to get work done during off-hours or to be available for nightcall support should the need arise. I’m reminded every day about how lucky I am to be a contractor on a fixed 40-hour schedule.

I’m very glad I don’t have to work on the mainframes writing COBOL programs like my cubemates do.

I work in an engineering division. Essentially product R&D. Yet my job is as far from engineering as greengrocer is from auto mechanic.



  1. #1 by Phillip on October 3, 2010 - 11:42 PM

    The first Dilbert strip reminded me of something. IBM does the global CEO study every other year. Do you know what the primary external factors that they say impact their organizations?

    Market factors – It went from 84% – 64% – 48% and finally set at 56%.

    Let me ask you, if you’re selling stuff and you can’t sell it because of the market, don’t you think that’d take a bit more precedence than say….geopolitical factors?

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