I has a virus

No, not the kind that are made of logic and infect silicon-based tech, but the kind that are made of protein and infect carbon-based lifeforms.

It’s the icky kind of abdominal digestive virus that causes all sort of badness.  I went to the doc today.  Here’s my narrative:

I had a 9:10 appointment.  I sign in and the waiting room is mostly empty.  Soon after I sign in, TONS of families with school-age children come pouring through the doors with puke pails and bags in hand.  It seems that all the kids have this virus too.  I sit until 9:35 with lots of kids puking and either mental or physical stimulus caused me to become very nauseous.  So I went out to the bathrooms in the hall and the m en’s room was already occupied by a fat guy puking.  So I went in the ladies’ room and retched a few times but didn’t actually vomit.  I remembered to wash my hands after gripping the underside of the toilet seat.  After I felt better, I went back into the waiting room and sat another 10 minutes before the ladycalled me.  As soon as she called me, I began to feel nauseous again.

She weighed me and took my temperature and such and put me in a room.  At that point my nausea reached critical levels and I slumped over the chair so she could get my pulse and blood pressure.  After a few seconds of trying to take my pulse, I lunged for the sink and retched another two times but again didn’t vomit.

I collapsed on the floor in front of the sink and all the nurse lady could say was, “Sir, I need you in the chair so I can take your pulse and blood pressure.”  After that got done, she gave me a bottle of water and a bucket and let me lay down in the bed.  After a few more waves of nausea, I got a bad one and, forgetting that I had the bucket, went for the sink again.

I didn’t wretch this time, just gagged a bit and collapsed on the floor again.  At that point, the doc came in.  He saw me on the floor, chuckled, turned around, and came back in with a needle, stuck me in the arm, and within 15-20 seconds, the nausea was totally gone.  It was amazing!

He said that it’s easier to examine a patient who isn’t in such digestive distress.  The drug he gave me was Tigan, an anti-nausea drug.  After the exam, he concluded that I had the same intestinal virus that everyone else had.  He have me a take-home prescription for an anti-nausea drug and said that it should get better in 3-5 days.

I felt groggy this morning (Tigan causes drowsiness) but I feel pretty good now, except for the stomach cramps.  The Advil’s got the fever down, I ate lunch fine, and I hope to be back to work tomorrow.

So that was my day.  It kinda sucked but I’m getting better.


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  1. #1 by Joshua on September 30, 2010 - 7:24 PM

    I’m feeling much better today, BTW. Thanks for asking.

  2. #2 by Phillip on October 3, 2010 - 11:35 PM

    I’ve noticed that quite a few people I know have been coming down with something for the past couple weeks now. It really seems to be a slow moving, short lived, virus.

    I also love how doctors treat the symptoms from time to time. The best one that I had was a couple years ago when I was throwing up blood (I had an appointment with my doctor a few days later and she said that I somehow tore something in my throat) and they gave me metoclopramide.

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