Stickies Four Days Early


Yayyy!!! I finally get to write some code!

Here’s a function that offsets batch runs by a number of seconds equal to the least significant digit of the year. So now in 2010, all batches run simultaneously. Next year, they will be 1 second apart. I have no idea why this is needed. It doesn’t seem to make any difference when batches are submitted – it’s batch work so they’re processed in sequence, according to task priority and available CPU cycles, regardless of when they arrived.

You can tell the difference between my SQL code and my Indian coworker’s: Mine’s all nice and column aligned with lots of whitespace and all uppercase. His is whatever case he feels like and very inconsistent with whitespace usage. He says it’s job security. I’m a contractor so I don’t have to worry about that.

In a big way, Private is the strongest member of the team. He not only took down the Skorca single-handedly, but he showed that he wasn’t willing to compromize his morals, even in the face of a direct order (ref. Truth Ache). But probably the most telling is that he was willing to leave the love of his life for his duty (ref. Merry Madagascar). That’s something that Kowalski and Skipper are clearly incapable of doing (ref. Gone in a Flash and The Falcon and the Snow Job).

Lol – lady walking past my cube talking on her cell phone – “Yeah, it’s a urinary tract infection – I bet that’s what you’ve got!”

The motto of the Grand Lodge F&AM Wisconsin is “Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love.” The motto of the United Grand Lodge of England is “Audi, Vide, Tace.” (Latin for “Hear, See, and Be Silent.”)

“If you are not unclear, just leave the default.”

– sage advice from my Indian coworker.

Lol. Random heavy breathing on the PA after a call this morning. Someone forgot to hang up the phone.

Note to windows users who switch to Linux: High memory usage by the Kernel is normal. It’s mostly “reserved” which means that it will be allocated to programs as needed. Most newer memory monitors take this into account when giving memory usage figures but examining the output of free, you may see ridiculously high usage for kernel memory.

I had a dream that a government experiment in northern California caused the Earth to lose its magnetic fields. As a result, time was all hosed: certain parts of time were sliding backward while others remained at their proper rates. Example: My watch had a date from 2006, the garden had bell peppers and aphids, my computer was the old Alienware instead of my new one, and the Sun workstation wouldn’t boot because of clock skew. Also, one day it was summer, and the next it was Christmas. Because of the lack of a magnetic field, there were no Van Allen belts to protect us from the massive bursts of gamma radiation from space. We had to convince my idiotic uncle to come inside to get out of the path of the balls of radioactive particles. And we were pissed that Grandmother wouldn’t turn off the golf channel long enough for us to watch CNN, despite the golf being interrupted frequently by the EAS.

Huh. It’s too early for sysadmin tasks: I just killed a perfectly good dump job because I thought it had run out of disk space. It hadn’t – it was happily running.

Still looking for a donation of a DLT, LTO, DDS-4, etc. tape drive. Let me know if you know of someone who has one they don’t want anymore.

That was surreal. Two people using staplers at exactly the same time on either side of me. Like one big ka-clink in stereo.


Obtain a copy of Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Find out why innd mangles the active file after every modification. Or lock it to read-only.


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