An Example of a Good FL Dub

I happened to find episodes from the German Dub of the Penguins of Madagascar. I was amazed at how well the voices, attitudes, and idiosyncrasies of the characters came through in a different language. I’ve seen many FL dubs and most of them aren’t anywhere near as high-quality as this is. The worst I’ve ever seen is the Spanish-language dub of Toy Story. Whoever they got to do Slinky Dog in Spanish is the opposite of Jim Varney’s friendly southern twang – he was high and squeaky and hyper.

King Julien is as campy and flamboyant in German, Maurice is a bit more baritone, Marlene is dead on, Kowalski sounds like I’d expect a stereotypical German scientist to sound, Private is funny (like haha funny) sounding speaking German with a British accent. Skipper is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t meet the high standards of the rest of the cast. Whoever is the German voice actor for Skipper has sort of an unexpressive monotone with very businesslike inflection. Not at all what Skipper is like.

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