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Round trip translations have been a hobby of mine since 1999.  My first fodder were articles from The Onion back when Babelfish was its own entity and ran on SysTran 5.  Here’s an excerpt from our building evacuation procedures at work, run through Tashian’s Multibabel filter:

Execution. With the application of the press directed with one, this is moved by the gloves, elasticity one added to the gauze, or to the armor it can control the external explanation. The increase in a handspike or a foot of the explanation can be useful.

Shutdowns of the control: _ A movement. If the interior of victim___s were stopped, the CPR begins, if they give the form him.

If we must dangerous group chemistry of the association near our capacity, our arteries of the evacuation are probably determined by the local authorities. After the instruction of the local authorities, the coordinators of approximately of the aid inform to the coordinators the equipment into employees into the aid and the track for the beginning to the evacuation.

For little if the atheistic fire to the application of the ice or the fresh water can reduce the impulse of the air of the pain it applies here nonsimilar ointments ignited and, butter or the substances. _ Infractions of the title, the throat and the spine. You not carreg the victim. The aspects are heated, until the medical specialists of the aid do not arrive in the scene.

The hour personal ignition watches the necessary information, the one that is demanded of the medical equipment of employees of the aid in the arrival.

In a medical emergencia that continue being barren and the answers. So only with the victim, ___HELP_ of the plea for the aid. A person would have with the victim, when to another station of the work the attention ___911_ to continue being constant.

The employees would have also contains FACT of the version with respect to the information with each possible material activity with respect, understood these arguments, of which negotiates them in this pamphlet. During the urgency the employees of the LARVA would have that to make the reference all the surveyings in mediae to the service of the transferences of the LARVA.

Within: Cover of the order of the capture of the fort inside you equipment that the vectors of the work and the residence,

He knows that the place of the resolutions of Cher, the stations of the power of the traction of the receipt requested, another one the low vectors of the judicial decree of the prevention and control of the receipt requested of the fire in his zone. _ They participate to the instrumentation of the perforation of the fire and suggest the necessary improvements to him of such way.

The end works to decide to INGUALMENTE Cher (repeated service in sequence the EXCESS): P. EXTRACTING the hinge in the process and it the solid takes entrerrosca he in his hand. AIM entrerrosca to the base of the flame. S. CORD to the process. S. ON THE OTHER HAND IT SWEEPS entrerrosca to the pagination to the base of the flame. CELEBRITY: NonFOLDING the resolution of Cher its pagination.

If the national the meteorological service radiates a pulse of the shot of the hurricane for the county of Milwaukee, the coordinators of the aid reflect to the national the meteorological service. The coordinators of the aid inform to approximately into the employees, which the system of the stage of the dance of the construction or his, than, uses the possible imminent meaning of the danger. If of an imminent blowing of the hurricane, the employees if of him he had resources he stop of the zone of the work and to a running intern including or to an imprudence of the zone. It does not go to the zones of the greeting or a certain station of the work, where the glass of voo would be a problem he.

CELEBRITY: The hardwood floor the coordinators during the urgency is the management of its group in each track to the times of hochrangigste of the urgency and has the following responsibility:

They guarantee that implementazione of the places of you you decide Cher, before a fire begins!

If the fire is small, it uses a solution of Cher, the end to die in him is of the flame. The afrouxamento of Cher of the solution of chemical agents droughts is plac strategic in each whole track. This the resolution of Cher is analyzed for all the fires of the classes, of that we presee in this city of the university.

Each possible employee, of whom he discovers a fire, hung to the independent one, would immediately have to inform to the emergencia with <redacted> or coordinators one of the aid. An attempt, is of the small death an atheistic fire can be made, if the attempt that the employee does not fix within a certain risk of the damage.

1. Orders of the capture therefore the electrical worker of the team of the electronic commando everything in its outside risk of possible zone of the danger. 2. It takes only the personal transaction like; Keys of the car, the cover, stock-market of action, the vacations etc. I vary this in demarcation 3. of the later one. Portoni pressed of the office, because they had left (different that it is informed). 4. I pass away of the rest this calm and the rents to the ESCAPE. After the Arterien, like in cards the video video of the evacuation in each zone of the work, it also facilitates, a current of the traffic to the escapes. 5. If you are not in his zone of the defined work, she defecates with the group, that is you that located the current. More ahead than the employees they had arrived in the zone of the information entrance (carpark), the findings its he and work party indicates it as his coordinator or lands to him of Verwaltungssupervisor/of.

During him it cannot be the necessary one to evacuate the construction. The LARVA has instructd a group of the evacuation, the end to guarantee the ready evacuations. The plants of the visualization of the phase of the Arterien of the evacuation announce in all the constructions. Pray is producing rent-me the relative with this Arterien.


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