New Monitor

I got a new 23″ LED monitor with a native res of 1920x1080px. I also installed Kubuntu because I couldn’t get VLC to run properly on CentOS. Here are some screenies:

My Desktop

My Desktop

It’s green ’cause we’re in the Time After Pentecost which uses the liturgical neutral color of green.  If we had a Lesser Festival that specified something more festive, I would use a white wallpaper and color scheme.  If we had a Lesser Festival that commemorated a martyr, I would use a medium-dark red wallpaper and color scheme.

Liturgical Color Scale for ELCA:

None (Most somber, only used for Good Friday)
Purple (Somber, reminder of noble suffering, used for Lent)
Scarlet (Somber, reminder of bloodshed and death, used for commemoration of martyrs and sacrifices in the name of Christ)
Green (Neutral, reminder of life in the Church, used for any day where color is unspecified)
White (Festive, reminder of joy, used for Lesser Festivals and any day or season where Green isn’t festive enough)
Blue (Festive, reminder of hope and nobility, used for Advent)
Red (Festive, reminder of exuberance, used for principal festivals of the Church that don’t have their own colors)
Gold (Most Festive, reminder of resurrection and the glory of God, only used for Easter Sunday)

My Home Directory

My Home Directory

The NVidia settings tool

The NVidia settings tool

Just to prove that I really do have 2x GTS250 (512M each) and am running KDE on Linux with full SLI enabled.


  1. #1 by Matt on August 23, 2010 - 8:36 AM

    Which monitor did you get? I’m shopping around for one.

    • #2 by Joshua on August 24, 2010 - 4:42 PM

      Ativa something or other

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