Weekly Stickies

  • My aunt’s PC has a loose SATA connector on her hard drive.  As a result, about once a month, it just stops working.  Originally, I had fixed this state by removing the side panels from the case and frobbing the SATA cable.  But I found a better answer:  Just kick the case near the top – the jolt is enough to reseat the connector for another month, until the drive’s acoustic vibrations shake it loose again.  Percussive maintenance in action, bitches!
  • Lol – Fox6 makes the ‘clbuttic’ mistake – a user comment about the show NCIS granting a Racine girl’s wish got hosed when his phrase “NCIS actors and crew are very clbutty people.”  Heh.
  • They also proclaimed that in June, Milwaukee County had several Tornadoe, and that a “fugative” had returned to Wisconsin.
  • On BSD machines, binaries for games live in /usr/games.  On SysV machines, they live in /usr/bin (Solaris, AIX, Tru64) or /usr/games/bin (HP-UX, SCO UnixWare/OpenServer).  On Linux machines, they live wherever they damn well please because each distro follows the UNIX FHS only as much as they want to.  On gentoo, they live in /usr/bin.  On Slackware, ArchLinux, Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat, they live in /usr/games.  I frequently need to symlink things like /usr/games/fortune (where fortune lives on dustpuppy and Horde) to /usr/bin/fortune (where fortune lives on UglyDuckling and HomelyGosling) so I can share logon scripts across boxen.

1 milihelen – the amount of beauty required to launch one ship.

The Many Ships of King Julien:

1.  Rico (highly plausible in fanon, debatably plausible in canon – Kaboom and Kabust was one massive HoYay shiptease toward this.)

2.  Mort (plausible in fanon – makes for good slash fluff)

3.  Maurice (unlikely but possible)

4.  Marlene (was almost canon)

5.  Skipper (highly unlikely)

6.  Kowalski (unlikely)

7.  Private (unlikely)

8.  Rat King (WTF?)

9.  Dr. Blowhole (plausible prior to Julien’s revealing of his double-agent status)

10. Pinky (again, WTF?)

11. Mason (Err…)

12. Phil (!?)

13. Julien (Eww… make of squick! But sadly plausible in fanon, canonical in the non-sexual sense.)

I count 13 ships that King Julien has launched.  Therefore, King Julien must have at least 13 milihelens of beauty.  Compare Skipper:

1. Marlene (#1 FPC, has its own cult practically, though the writers don’t tease this ship nearly as often as the fans seem to indicate.)

2. Private (unlikely)

3. Kowalski (highly unlikely)

4. Rico (unlikely)

5. Julien (highly unlikely)

6. Maurice (Huh?)

7. Officer X (WTF?)

8. Mother Duck (What kind of sick and twisted…)

9. Dr. Blowhole (unlikely)

So Skipper has only 9 ships to his name.  Therefore, Skipper must have at least 9 milihelens of beauty.

  • I have moved /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol07 from /var/www to /usr/mailman.  I’ve changed the backup scripts to reflect this.  The Level 1A Backup for August dumped the new contents but under the old name (i.e. it dumped /usr/mailman but called it var_www – dump reads the raw filesystem regardless of where it’s mounted and doesn’t read /etc/fstab).
  • The shit that comes out of the vending machines in the copy/fax room at work tastes like it’s been sitting in the machine for months.
  • See if you can commission a Christa to make a pointy UNIX Wizard hat.
  • Aaargh!  Vi has become sentient!  It’s remembering stuff from yesterday!  Oh wait, I’m on windoze where vim session info isn’t stored in shell session files.  Nevermind.
  • SQL99 syntax reference is blocked by corporate security as category “weapons.”  WTF?  I didn’t know SQL qualified as a munition – let’s start charging export fees!
  • My boss’s boss looks like the hospital administrator dude from Chicago Hope.
  • An easy way to get a count of occurrences of a given string in vi, Notepad, etc:  Do a search/replace for the string and replace it with itself.  After the replace, it will tell you how many occurrences are replaced.
  • LOL – one of our client reps accidentally set a client’s bill pay support line # to a 1-900 adult service.  Thankfully, they caught it before it went to production.
  • Corporate security is blocking the IEEE communication cabling standards (the documents that tell you how long cables can  be etc.) as “security/hacking” reference.  WTF?

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