Back from GenCon, Need Moar BattleTech

No posts here in a while, so I’m going to fix that. I’ve been microblogging lately, as I find that whenever I write in a forum that gives me lots of space to write, I try my darndest to fill it. You can follow my smaller, near-daily musings on @trentonjhawkins on Twitter, or just look at my Facebook feed, as they’re all cross-posted to my Facebook account.

Just came back from an awesome GenCon. I got to meet my writing idol, Michael A. Stackpole, who generously signed my copy of Isard’s Revenge. I also sat in on his lecture “20 Ways to Kill Your Novel”, which was excellent, and made me realize I treat my writing like a hobby instead of a business (which I’m okay with, since I’m really not trying to publish anything). I’d love to attend more of his lectures.

This is the first year I spent time outside of the Vendor Hall at GenCon (attending the aforementioned lecture), and it really opened my eyes to the number of awesome events and panels and matches that go on besides all the great sales. I think next year I’ll sign up for some “How to GM Better” panels, and get involved in some BattleTech matches.

Which brings me to my question – If I were to host regular (bi-weekly or monthly) matches of BattleTech for 3-4 hours on a weekend at The Board Game Barrister in Bayshore Mall in Glendale, would anyone want to join me? I own the new Catalyst rulebook with all the erratta’d rules built right in, a series of mechs I’m working on painting, cardboard proxies, and a map that can be drawn and re-drawn with wet-erase markers. I’d be happy to teach anyone who’s interested.

So far I’ve got a Matt, myself, Erin, and Gordon Lugauer (manager of The Barrister) who have expressed interest.

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