It Hurt My Head

I was stumbling around and I hit this website. I was wanting to see who had what to say about it, since several of the things have scientific thought behind it (as in sexual tendencies being more concordant in monozygotic twins than dizygotic, but I’m off track here) and I read the reviews put in place by stumblers. One seriously hurt.

“Circumstantial evidence, but I find it intriguing. I think past-life memories and other related phenomena may be a result of genetics. Intelligence just isn’t understood well enough to dismiss the possibility of apparently supernatural abilities and events resulting from unknown but not ineffable scientific processes.”

1. My understanding of our genome is that it doesn’t convey memories. I can’t experience a memory of my great grandparents, even though we have certain genotypic patterns in common. Some of the genotypes may make me able to convert an experience into something that may be similar to something that they had, but, again, that’s my own experience.

2. Intelligence is a sliding scale. Granted, there is some dispute about the elements of intelligence and pretty much everything to do with it. But, if everyone is able to, in the future, play Beethoven’s Große Sonate für das Hammerklavier (Piano Sonata No. 29), those that can play it now would not longer be considered among the best at playing piano.

3. If the science isn’t known, you can’t define it. The moment you can define it, it becomes known. If you know it’s out there, and you can’t define it, it’s a known unknown.

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