Weekly Sticky Notes

I’ve decided to take just the best of the week’s sticky notes and put them up on Fridays.  So here are this week’s.


Found in a header file on a project that has nothing to do with me:

#define ONE_HUNDRED_SPACES "                                                    \

Why anyone would need a string literal of exactly one hundred spaces, I don’t know.

How in the world do Oracle’s booleans work?  Here’s one that seems to support TRUE, FALSE, NO, and 2.  How does a boolean support 2?

Glad I work for a temp agency – performance reviews are such that if you increase efficiency, that means you weren’t performing well enough in the first place and shouldn’t be rewarded for correcting bad behavior.  If you DON’T increase efficiency, then you’re not making progress toward goals and therefore lack motivation.

This is the first System Administrator’s Appreciation Day that I can’t celebrate because I’m not a sysadmin anymore.  😦
(this one is technically false since I am sysadmin for all the machines at the domains lakemasoniccenter.org, firstlutheranelca.org, and flippingcoinsband.com, even though the latter site has been down for six months due to nonpayment of hosting fees.)

Found in yet another C header for a project that isn’t related to me:

#define do_nothing(x)  /* WTF??? */

I just checked in the first iteration of the package for the Neapolitan bank.  We call it that because the colors they chose for their payment site look like a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich:  pink, white, and brown.  The tech that helped the customer fill out the workbook selected conflicting options like choosing NOT to have a monthly fee but specifying that the monthly fee should be $2.00.  Another one is that he specified that the customer should NOT be able to order transaction record CDs but that yearly CDs should be $20 and monthly should be $3.

I write XML files for web design and SQL scripts for an Oracle DB running on UNIX machines.  But all I have for programming tools are a source control system (formerly known as Harvest) and Windows Notepad.  I’ve spent 10 years coding in vi.  Do you have any idea how painful it is to code in Notepad with no command line, regexes, brace matching, syntax highlighting, etc.?

I find I tend to be more influenced by UK/Commonwealth hacker terms than traditional U.S.  As in I say things are “dodgy,” or “wonky,” or that the server’s gone “off the trolley,” etc.  And any miscellaneous collections of objects aren’t parts, they’re “bits.”

I am now REALLY tweaked.  I found out that the cafeteria in the basement serves Stone Creek coffee in the mornings.  I no longer have to drink the terrible office coffee in the copy room.


$ (UNIX Bourne Shell, normal user)
% (UNIX C shell, normal user)
> (MS-DOS or TENEX Shell)
# (any UNIX shell, root user)

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