Making History (Literally)

Anyone who’s ever adminned a UNIX USENET site knows of INND (the InterNet News Daemon), the canonical NNTP server of the Internet.  They’re also familiar with the makehistory script, which does, in fact, make history.  Or rather, it makes a history file in /var/lib/news (or /usr/news/db on older machines) out of the news spool itself.  The history file is used as a quick lookup hashtable so the news posting system doesn’t have to comb through the entire spool to check if an article has already been downloaded/posted.

Anyway, I came up with this funny screenshot as a play on words and a nod to my now-hopefully-resolved difficulties changing USENET providers:

it does indeed make history

it does indeed make history

I also love it that suck (a utility to pull articles off of another NNTP server without getting an actual server feed from it) is old enough to have code for handling dial-up PPP connections and also for connecting to remote character terminals via modem.



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