Dealerships and Negotiation

About 10 days ago we got another vehicle. My dad has a thing for trucks for some reason. When he gets into one you can picture him having a cowboy hat and boots on; you can also hear the country music playing. Anyways. He went out to the dealership to look at a couple of them, then found one that he liked. So, he figured he’d go home and grab the car that he was trading in (the Mustang), and see what he could do for price. During the ride back he was saying that he thought they’d only drop the price of the truck a couple hundred bucks or so, and I was telling him that he’d be able to get them to knock more off than that. So, he went back, and gave them the number that I told him to give them and they took it. This number was about a quarter off than their sticker. Now, when it came time for the paperwork, they only marked the truck down about a thousand or so but they pretty much doubled what they’d give him for the Mustang.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this though. My Stratus was a year old when I got it. The original MSRP on it was $24000 or so. They were asking $20000. We got it for 12k; that’s the cost it would have been 2 years later.

But, there’s another time too! I was talking to my uncle and he was telling me how someone got a great deal on an ATV upnorth. It was a 350cc that MSRPd for, I believe ~$6500, but they talked the dealer down to $4500. When I was looking at ATVs I went to a dealer and they had this 800cc sport ATV that MSRPd for $14000. By the time I left they had it down to $5500.

I wouldn’t really consider myself to be a negotiator, but, I got 60.7% of the price taken off the ATV, 40% off the car and 33% off the truck. I only know of one other person that beat that; my gramps got 61.1% taken off his truck and that took literally days of going down to the dealership. He’s been banned from a few dealerships in the area for just that reason.

  1. #1 by Matt on July 27, 2010 - 7:40 PM

    You, sir, will be on my negotiation team whenever I must visit a dealership.

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