1. Storm last night all night made loud noises so I didn’t has a sleepy much.
  2. Not a coffee ’cause I’m decaffeinating after Monday and Tuesday’s anxiety horribleness.
  3. Empty water cups piling up in the pile of junk near my compy desk.
  4. Nickelodeon decided to fundamentally alter their daytime lineup yesterday after the papers and TV Guide websites and such had already been produced.  Even the stupid Time Warner scrolley guide thing doesn’t have the correct Nickelodeon Schedule.
  6. I have a project I need to finish by next Thursday.  It’s kicking my ass because I like to see results early, even if they’re just unit tests.  With J2EE, I can’t see any result until it’s ready to be deployed and tested as a whole – unit tests on Enterprise Java Beans don’t work since JUnit doesn’t run inside an EJB container and EJBs don’t run outside of one.
  7. I has a bunch of work to do.  It’s easy work but I have no desire to do it.
  8. My neck muscles are terribly sore today and I have no idea why.  It’s like there’s an electric winch in my shoulder pulling all the tissues in my neck downward.
  9. I really want coffee.  But if I have coffee, the anxiety problems will come right back.
  10. I can’t play WoW, TF2, or Oblivion without caffeine.  I’ve tried.  It doesn’t work well.  My reaction time just plain sucks.
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