PoM Continuity Problem

I happened to be watching Mask of the Raccoon on tape from yesterday.  For the fun of it, I decided to still-frame the opening scenes, where Archie is swiping all the animals’ stuff, to see if they really did animate Archie or just a gray/green motion blur.  Turns out they really did animate Archie with this odd, excited yet cunning smile on his face.  And REALLY stretchy forearms and paws when he stole the gorillas’ tire swing.

Anyway, I wondered what other episodes would yield neat secrets if I freeze-framed them.  And I found an interesting continuity error in Operation: Plush and Cover.  At the end, when the penguins, Mort, and Julien pop out of the box, everyone celebrates wildly on their safe return.  Marlene notes that Private’s toy is the new zoo best-seller.  Skipper congratulates private on this achievement, only to discover that “Private” is just a stuffed toy and the real Private is back at the factory.  Here’s the problem:

The “Private” toy was blinking, nodding, and moving his beak along with everyone else during the overhead shot of the celebration ~4 seconds beforehand.



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