Heh. Linux is awesome.

A Linux box (Gentoo) I set up five years ago for a former employer hadn’t been rebooted since I set it up.  Its job is to filter incoming e-mail for spam and malware, gate outgoing mail, scan the DMZ for security threats, and monitor system logs from the other servers.  In short, it’s a security appliance on an old Dell desktop.  Someone accidentally yanked the power cable yesterday.  When the boss man turned it on this morning, it went nuts.  Turns out that there were about 100 new kernel releases that had been installed since it was last rebooted.  I had the kernels set to auto-build using known config settings and defaulting the rest.  The newest kernel ran into massive module version mismatches.  It took me about five minutes on the phone to get it fixed.  Basically, I needed to clear out all the old module statements from /etc/modules.autoload.conf.  After it came up successfully, it chugged away at the 250 emails that had piled up on  the outbound side but eventually calmed down.  Here’s to another five years of faithful service!



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