Unofficial Guide to PoM Character Personalities

My friends will probably get annoyed with me for posting this.  Yes, PoM is a kids’ show (rated Y7).  Yes I’m 25 years old.  But dammit, the show is just plain awesome.  And besides, I know some mid-60s adults who collect Spongebob crap.  PoM at least has a high density of intellectual humor.


Species: Penguin/Unknown
Gender: Male (though a false DNA result briefly convinced him that he was female)
Role: Team Leader
Personality Type: ISTJ
Alignment: Lawful Good
Politics: Conservative
Favorite Pastime: commando training drills
Interests: comic books (he treats them as reference materials to fuel his crazy conspiracy theories), slapping hippies; making them get jobs and haircuts, conspiracy theories
Likes: hand-to-hand combat, a job well done, order, discipline, snow cones, a clean habitat, coffee (stirred with fish)
Dislikes: bullies, injustice, abuses of power (which is ironic as he frequently becomes such an abuser when paranoia gets the better of him), annoying, ego-maniacal lemurs.
Quirks:  Sense of Duty, Misogynist, secretly thinks all mammals are stupid, frequent misuse of military jargon to humorous effect, Conspiracy Theorist, Paranoid, afriad of needles, prohibited from setting foot in Denmark
Love Interest: He had a brief fling with a falcon but broke it off when he found out that she had eaten his neighbor.
Representative Quotes:  “I’ve got my freak on for recon.” | “Will you eighty-six the freaky-deekies and tell me what’s going on?”  | “What in the name of Eisenhower’s oatmeal?” | “I’ve been John Paul Jonesing for a nautical adventure.” | “Ah, she’s a mammal.  Everyone knows they’re all morons.” | “Remember that, then forget you ever heard it!” | “Alright, I’ll do it, ya bunch of nancy cats.” | “You’ll find sarcasm’s more effective if you don’t giggle it out like a naughty schoolgirl.”


Species: Penguin/Unknown
Gender: Male
Role: Engineer/Strategist
Personality Type: ENTP
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Politics: Centrist
Favorite Pastime:  Inventing devices with world-domination capability
Interests: Electronics, lasers, superweapons, time travel, quantum chromodynamics
Likes: Inventing things, complex gadgets, being right, knowing things
Dislikes: failure, being wrong, being underestimated, being underappreciated
Quirks: Religious need to be right, treats “science” as a deity, needs constant reassurance of his intelligence and utility, fragile ego, constantly bragging, makes stuff up to sound smarter, analytical to a fault
Love Interest: One-way crush on Doris the Dolphin, has a thing for Officer X’s animal control van
Representative Quotes: “According to this symbol, which appears Aztec in origin, You Are Here.” | “He’s gotcha there, Skipper.  It’s the Finders-Keepers treaty of 1852.”  | “Respect the Science!” | “Science, why have you forsaken me?”


Species: Penguin/Unknown
Gender: Male
Role: Demolitions Expert/Bag of Holding
Personality Type: ESFP
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Politics: Conservative
Favorite Pastime: Blowing stuff up
Interests: Explosives, chainsaws, painting
Likes: Chaos and disorder, explosions, violence, children
Dislikes: being restrained, bullying
Quirks:  Can store unlimited amounts of equipment in his stomach (including running chainsaws and lit sticks of dynamite) and regurgitate them at will, mute but can use the word “Kablamo!” as any part of speech, hates to see children crying, highly defensive of his personal property, has a Barbie-like doll that he’s very attached to, can shut off his sense of decency at will, certified psychopath, nearly indestructable, “Gooey Love Mush Sensitivity”, highly superstitious
Love Interest: Besides his doll, he also has a thing for flamingos, (also, possible bromance or maybe something more with King Julien depending on how much you read into Kaboom and Kabust)
Representative Quotes:  “Kaboom!” | “Kablamo!” | “Grr…Hippies!”  | “FISH!”


Species: Penguin/Unkown
Gender: Male
Role: Conscience, Public Relations
Personality Type: INFP
Alignment: Neutral Good
Politics: Liberal
Favorite Pastime: Tea with Mason the Chimpanzee
Interests: Chess, disco dancing, modeling, poetry
Likes: Puppy love, rainbows, honesty, doing the Right Thing
Dislikes: Abuse of power, unnecessary use of force, zombies
Quirks: Naive to the extreme, always sees the best in people, always seeks the most diplomatic way to resolve any conflict, often the only one of the team to keep his head when Skipper goes on one of his paranoia trips, “Has a sensitive…everything,” has easily hurt feelings, secretly likes being the center of attention, tends to get scared easily but has immense courage when it counts, always ready to defend his friends, laughs at the words “butt” and “poo,” afraid of badgers.
Love Interest: Had a fling with a reindeer once but both of them had pressing duties that kept them from being together
Representative Quotes: “Sometimes whistling makes me feel like a pretty little butterfly.” | “Oh dear…” | “I don’t think that works the way you think it does, Skipper.” | “Please no zombie, please no zombie!” | “I’m not comfortable watching this!”

King Julien

Species: Ring Tailed Lemur
Gender: Male (Ambiguous sexual orientation)
Role: Party Animal, constant source of annoyance and frustration
Personality Type: ENFJ
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Politics: Liberal
Favorite Pastime: Dancing
Interests: Parties, dance music, inflatable bounce houses, style / fashion
Likes: Being pampered and slavishly obeyed, compliments, being right, tropical fruit
Dislikes: Anyone who doesn’t treat him like the king he thinks he is, physical labor, sweating
Quirks: He think he’s a shaman that can talk to the “Sky Spirits” and interpret their wills, thinks he’s a king (he really was a king back in Madagascar), demands obedience from everyone, not too bright, huge and fragile ego, has a Hindi accent and frequently misuses words to humorous effect, makes up words a lot, declares new holidays at will, has an obsession with his feet and hates people touching them, his “booty” has the supernatural ability to sense any near by “moovin’ and groovin’.”
Love Interest: Decided one day that he was Marlene’s boyfriend but never informed her of this fact.  Later, after seeing her from an “unflattering angle,” he decided that “she was no prize.”  He claims to have girlfriends that live in Canada but later admitted that they were “made up.”  When questioned, he claimed that he meant “made up with lipsticks and powders and such.”  Also, possibly a bromance or maybe something more with Rico, depending on how much you read into Kaboom and Kabust.
Representative Quotes: “But this isn’t interesting to me because it isn’t about me.  See how that works?” | “Have you never heard such a mangling of the language which we are speaking?”  | “None may touch the royal feet!” | “One minute I was enjoying my lychee nuts and boingo, here I was in the laps of luxury!  Life is funny that way.” | “This is because I am king.  So you have to shut up a little bit now.” | “I don’t change my mind.  I have people for that.”


Species: Aye-aye
Gender: Male
Role: Loyal servant to King Julien
Personality Type: ESTJ
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Politics: Conservative
Favorite Pastime: Relaxing
Interests: Cleaning, Parties
Likes: Order and harmony, keeping King Julien happy, keeping Mort out of trouble, dancing, bouncing, painting
Dislikes: disorder, work, being bossed around too much
Quirks:  Is a loyal but grudging servant to King Julien, Sense of Duty, lazy, “father figure” to Mort, goes along with whatever King Julien says, avoids conflict
Love Interest: “Bewitched” by Darla the Baboon but the feeling is definitely not mutual
Representative Quotes: “Rule #1: Never question the king.” | “Nobody ever tells the king, ‘I told you so!'” | “I have a bajillion royal duties to attend to.”


Species: Mouse Lemur
Gender: Male
Role: Adorable Puffball, constant annoyance to King Julien
Personality Type: ISFP
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Politics: Liberal
Favorite Pastime: Hugging King Julien’s feet
Interests:  King Julien’s feet, dancing
Likes: King Julien’s feet, popcorn, bouncing, juvenile humor, heavy lifting, golf, flying, diseases
Dislikes: Drowning, cold weather, being treated harshly, bullies
Quirks: Has a “protective halo of ignorance,” lovable, likes everything (even things he’s never seen or heard of before), has an insane obsession with King Julien’s feet, collects fur-dwelling parasites, doesn’t feel pain, not very bright
Love Interest: King Julien’s feet
Representative Quotes:  “I’m an egg!  Arf Arf!”  | “Yayy!!! I’m expendable!” | “I’m a sheep!  Cock-a-doodle-doo!”  | “The Feet!” | “Grr…I am the Rabies!  Haha!” | “Whee!  Bouncy Jumpy!” | “Penguin’s Funny.”


Species: Asian Otter
Gender: Female
Role: Reality Check, Scout
Personality Type: ENFP
Alignment: Neutral Good
Politics: Liberal
Favorite Pastime: Gymnastics
Interests: Interior decorating, swimming, flower arranging, probably would love romance novels if she could read
Likes: Spanish guitar, romantic daydreams, adventures, privacy
Dislikes: Intrusions, invasion of her personal space, people underestimating her, old-fashioned ideas about a woman’s place in society.
Quirks: She’s the typical strong, liberated, fiercely independent single woman in the big city.  Secretly loves karaoke.  Level-headed and rational.  Romantic to the max.  Fantasizes about well-muscled (otter) men who play Spanish guitar.  Can’t leave the zoo or she will instantly turn wild.
Love Interest: Had a brief fling with Fred the Squirrel after the Penguins incorrectly determined Fred to be her perfect match.  She broke up with him after she figured out that he wasn’t being witty and clever when he stated the obvious.
Representative Quotes:  “Who said I was lonely?”  | “Since when are you interested in my social life?”  | “That’s none of your business, by the way.” | “Spanish Guitar, muy romántico.” | “Aww… that’s so sweet!”  | “I don’t care if we’re identical twins!  I want her gone!  She used me as a tissue!”


Species: Chimpanzee
Gender: Male
Role: Communications Specialist
Personality Type: ESFJ
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Politics: Liberal
Favorite Pastime: Reading the newspaper (even though he can’t read)
Interests:  Tea, chess, Italian Opera, ballet
Likes: Cleaning, being understood and appreciated, quiet, refined company, thoughtful conversation, flinging poo
Dislikes: annoying, persistent lemurs, loud music, messes, unrefined behavior
Quirks: Compulsive Neat Freak, can speak and understand sign language and can use a speech synthesizer to communicate with humans, vindictive
Love Interest: None.
Representative Quotes: “It’s cleaning time!” | “I was enjoying a quiet morning, if you don’t mind.” | “Why Phil, that’s positively diabolical.  Lovely!” | “Someone nicked my entire collection of Italian opera CDs.”


Species: Chimpanzee
Gender: Male
Role: Source of juvenile comedy
Personality Type: ENTJ
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Politics: Liberal
Favorite Pastime: Making messes
Interests: Tire swings, low-brow comedy, practical jokes
Likes: Annoying people, checkers, flinging poo
Dislikes: Clean freaks, anyone attempting to impose order, being made to do anything that requires work
Quirks: Lazy, obnoxious, cunning, very smart, mute but literate, can speak in sign language, takes every opportunity to insult someone
Love Interest: Lulu, the female chimpanzee that visited the zoo for one week.
Representative Quotes: “Go pound bananas.” | “Tell that stupid penguin that I’m not his personal reading slave.” (Interpreted from the Madagascar movie but never translated on screen.)


Species: Gray Squirrel
Gender: Male
Role: Scout, Information Gatherer
Personality Type: ISFP
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Politics: ?
Favorite Pastime: Gathering nuts
Interests: Asking stupid questions, exploring, cardboard boxes
Likes: The zoo, gibbons
Dislikes: Eye patches
Quirks:  Literal-minded, tries hard to outsmart his collection of acorns
Love Interest:  Had a brief fling with Marlene but he wasn’t really all that into her.
Representative Quotes:  “We have a zoo? I wonder if they have gibbons there.  I’ve always wanted to meet a gibbon.” | “Stupid eye patch.” | “Do what now?” | “I have big teeth.” | “I think boxes are neat.  Did you know that they have cardboard on the inside, too?” | “You want me to pretend to be a squirrel?  I’ve never been a pretend squirrel before.” | “I like lots of things.  Except for the ones I don’t like.  Stupid things I don’t like!”


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Zookeeper
Personality Type: ESTJ
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Politics: Conservative
Favorite Pastime: Karaoke
Interests: Closing the zoo gates, counting money, belittling people.
Likes: Disco music
Dislikes: Authority figures, work, animals, tourists, new ideas, children
Quirks: Lazy, misanthropic, bitter, sharp-tongued
Love Interest: None.
Representative Quotes: “Bunch of animals.” | “Move it or lose it.  Whoops, lost it.” | “Gah.  Every time…stupid…” | “X, huh?  <sneering>is that the name your mommy gave you?” | “That’s just disturbing.”  | “I know everything that goes on around here.”  | “Goodbye annoying tour group questions!” | “Whatever floats your boat, weirdo.”

Officer X

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Animal Control Officer
Personality Type: ISTP
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Politics: Conservative
Favorite Pastime: Cracking down on stray animals
Interests: Tactical assault vehicles, stun batons
Likes: Pushing people around
Dislikes: Animals
Quirks: Psychotic
Love Interest: None.
Representative quotes: “Penguins:  Nature’s rule breakers.  Birds are supposed to fly but no, you gotta swim.  You think you’re above the laws of nature, punks?”


Species: Kangaroo
Gender: Male (inexplicably has a pouch)
Role: Bully
Personality Type: ESTP
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Politics: ?
Favorite Pastime: Beating the snot out of everything he encounters
Interests: Fighting
Likes: hay, shrubs, fighting
Dislikes: Trespassers, cheap imitations, anyone who fights for free
Quirks: Violent, not too bright
Love Interest: None.
Representative Quotes: “Joey don’t rightly appreciate trespassers, mate.  It makes me mad.” | “Get down, ya bludgers, before I jackawobbly!” | “I’ll catch him…serve him straight up on the barbie.  For the right price.” | “Joey don’t share!”

Bada and Bing

Species: Gorilla
Gender: Male
Role: Bouncers, bodyguards, hired muscle
Personality Type: ESTP
Alignment: Neutral
Politics: Conservative
Favorite Pastime: Swinging on a tire
Interests: stealing things
Likes: bananas, throwing people, ethnic humor, payment, mob life
Dislikes: Trespassers, thieves (ironic, huh?), gatecrashers, snitches
Quirks: They’re mob enforcers in gorilla form, and both very stupid
Love Interest: None.
Representative Quotes: “Thieves get bounced.”  | “Yo, Bing!  We got us a trespasser!” | “Tell ya what, friend.  We’re not giving it to yas.  So what’cha gonna do about it?” | “Bada and Bing will crush funny birds.” | “Hey yo Bing!  Wasn’t there a tire swing over here or something?”

There are tons of other minor characters but their roles are hard to define (e.g. the sewer rats, Max the Cat, Roger the Alligator, Kitka the Falcon, Roy the Rhinoceros, Burt the Elephant, Eggy the Duckling, Barry the Poison Dart Frog, the chameleons, Randy the sheep, Buck Rockgut, etc.)

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  1. #1 by Chadwick on July 2, 2010 - 12:51 PM

    Took me a bit to sort out that PoM was Penguins of Madagascar.

    • #2 by Joshua on July 2, 2010 - 1:17 PM

      Sorry about that but that would make the title wayy too long.

    • #4 by Joshua on July 2, 2010 - 5:52 PM

      Or maybe I’m talking about the weirdest Production and Operations Management faculty ever.

      • #5 by Andrew D. on July 2, 2010 - 6:30 PM

        And here I thought (up until I saw Julien’s name) you were talking about POM, the brand of Pomegranate juice.

        • #6 by Chadwick on July 2, 2010 - 7:55 PM

          Not the little ball sticking of the top of Moogles’ heads?

  2. #7 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 4:51 PM

    Update: After a boatload of research, reading TVTropes, and reading quotes from the writers, I’ve changed King Julien’s gender status from Male (Straight but flamboyant) to Male (Ambiguous sexual orientation). There’s enough evidence that at least in the writers’ heads, there’s some ambiguity there. This is strongly hinted at several times in the program. And it’s only gotten more overt with time.

  3. #8 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 5:03 PM

    Update II:
    Throw subtlety out the fucking window, whydonchta. this may explain why certain episodes never aired in the U.S. Y7 Rating my ass.

    • #9 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 5:28 PM

      After further research, many of the tropes involved are reversed in later episodes. It seems the writers were just going wayyy overboard with the ship teasing.

    • #10 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 5:49 PM

      Okay. This whole thing has not got me in a really weird mood. I want to watch this episode because I sincerely don’t believe that the “big quote” in question could be that damned overt and contextually ambiguous so as to not have a plausible coverstory beyond shipteasing.

      • #11 by Chadwick on July 17, 2010 - 5:54 PM

        TV Tropes is dangerous, man.

        • #12 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 6:08 PM

          I know. Especially when I find all the hidden sources of info that people find. Like how I didn’t know that the cast & crew were coming to ComicCon.

      • #13 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 5:59 PM

        Okay. It does have a covering context that, together with vocal inflection, makes it seem like a red herring. Then they go and blow it all to hell with the touchy-feely between Julien and Rico. Result: Somewhat creepy but nowhere near enough to make a judgment call.

        • #14 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 6:32 PM

          One awesome quote:
          “Vortex of Regurgitated Mayhem”

        • #15 by Joshua on July 17, 2010 - 6:33 PM

          And the quote “Of course – it is unwise that we two should kaboom together, ever again.” Yeah. No euphemism there. Nope. None.

    • #16 by Joshua on July 18, 2010 - 7:34 PM

      Though I really would tag most of it as Less Disturbing In Context. Rico really was blowing things up with dynamite. With disastrous effect. And both he and King Julien were genuinely enjoying the loud pyrotechnics. It just so happens that one could do a simple search and replace and end up with a slash fic.

  4. #17 by Joshua on July 22, 2010 - 4:49 PM

    Okay. Hopefully the last of my Wild Speculation on King Julien’s sexual orientation.

    After doing a lot of rewatching of episodes and clips, there are three distinct possibilities, each with its own supporting evidence:

    1. He’s non-sexual (he is, afterall, a character in a (arguably) kids’ show).
      • He seems to be unaware of the concept of mammalian reproduction.
      • He seems to be species-blind. (He believed that he was the biological father of a duckling.)
      • He believed that despite there being no plausible (or possible) mother for said offspring.
      • One could then interpret his inappropriate behavior and lack of respect for personal space to be a manifestation of his naivete.
      • I’ve known people (and sort of am one myself) who are very touchy-feely in terms of emotional state. A lot of dudes will go out of their way to avoid hugging their male friends. I’m not that way. But neither am I gay or bisexual. For me, hugging a friend (male or female) isn’t a sexual gesture and if there’s danger that it could be interpreted as one (especially with female friends), I won’t do it, simply to avoid sending signals I don’t intend.
      • It’s quite possible that Julien is pretty much the same way, just without a sense of “situation appropriateness.”
      • Against this are a few scenes where he indicates that he is aware of personal space limitations (like not wanting Kowalski to look under his tail when claiming he laid an egg and when he’s spraying the pineapple-coconut sunscreen on himself in “Jiggles,” there’s a shot where they show only his upper half and he has a very deadpan expression on his face and we hear a spraying sound. This is in contrast to the rest of the scene, where we saw every part that got sprayed (including his “booty.”)) Then there’s his desire to have the penguins give him a sponge bath and his (creepy) naughty boy expression while he wiggles his butt for emphasis. That calls for brain bleach.
    2. He is in denial about his true sexuality.

      • He wants a girlfriend but only as a status symbol.
      • He claims to have girlfriends (plural!) in Canada, which is right out of Avenue Q, and was the statement of someone who was seriously in denial about his own (homo)sexuality.
      • He’s campy as all hell a significant part of the time.
      • He mentions that he wishes the lemurs could “play affectionately,” which visibly creeps Maurice out.
    3. He’s straight (or bi) and just very flamboyant.

      • I’ve known people like this too. They play at camping and even make gay sexual references but are actually straight.
      • There’s little canon evidence to support this but it’s certainly a possibility as we do see him “enjoying” Marlene scratching his neck in “Otter Gone Wild.”
      • He gives “romantical” advice to Phil when Phil wishes to court Lulu. Though this is the segment in which he states that he has “many girlfriends in Canada.”

    I think that, in the end, we need to remember that (a) it’s a kids’ show. Given the flak that Spongebob has gotten regarding sexuality, I highly doubt that it will play a significant role in the plot, and (b) Nickelodeon doesn’t want to lose sponsorship money and won’t let anything threaten that. That being said, the Dreamworks people have dropped a ton of not-so-subtle hints on what direction they intend to take Julien (and, to a lesser extent, Rico) in terms of romantic attraction. At this point, I’m strongly leaning towards Bi for Rico but only to the extent that it’s creepy for humorous effect (ref. the idea of grooming Skipper for the biologist and making googoo eyes at Kowalski in response to Skipper and Kitka, to which Kowalski responded with the could shoulder and suspicious eyebrows), and ambi/nonsexual for Julien – he’s just not aware enough of basic biology to make it relevant. This, in my mind, adds to the creepy effect – that he doesn’t know why the other characters (esp. Maurice and the Penguins) react with such revulsion to his awkwardly creepy gestures, comments, and suggestions. And those are my final thoughts on the subject. (A subject that I’ve thought wayyyyy too much about for my own good. Thank God I’m going back to work tomorrow!)

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