Best of #xkcd

My morning on #xkcd:

08:08 < imbrius> Flyingferret: have another cup of coffee or wait for this one to kick in?
08:08 < flyingferret> have another cup of coffee
08:08 < imbrius> thanks, ferret! ^_^
(Flyingferret is a bot that looks stuff up in the XKCD comic and also makes executive life decisions.)

08:24 < nazgjunk> Why do you have to make everything abotu cocks?
08:24 * Burstaholic puts away the orange face paint
08:24 < nazgjunk> I know they’re fascinating but this is getting ridiculous
08:24 * Feureau chases a cock around the room
08:24 -!- puddle [] has joined #xkcd
08:25 < LolCam> nazgjunk: It’s less of a fascination and more of a mockery of cocks.
08:25 < LolCam> A cockery if you will

08:26 < imbrius> okay we left golf for penises?
08:26 < LolCam> crodgers: she’d be near it even if she sits on the other side of the room
08:26 < puddle> He could hide an antennae in his urethra and lie on his back to have radio tuned into his head
08:26 < nazgjunk> so it’s near enough impossible to determine that 😐
08:26 < crodgers> he’d pass out every time he got an erection
08:26 < imbrius> Somehow that seems entirely IRC appropriate

08:27 < nazgjunk> Bucket: remember Feureau penis
08:27 < Bucket> Okay, nazgjunk, remembering “the longest penis is like, almost as tall as the shortest human”.
08:27 < nazgjunk> wonderful analysis of the situation
08:27 < LolCam> Feureau: the longest penis IS the shortest human!
08:27 < nazgjunk> “You are such a dick”
08:27 < Feureau> LolCam: LOL, cam…
08:27 < imbrius> BTW, thanks Flyingferret, that second cup really hit the spot.
08:27 < Burstaholic> Penises are people too?
08:27 < LolCam> \o/
08:27 < InitHello> LolCam: happy yesterday!
08:27 < Aurum2> Burstaholic : No.
08:28 < Applesuit> LolCam: Are you saying that small people are just huge dicks?
08:28 < Aurum2> People are penises.

08:29 * Applesuit is a metric dick, 1.75m
08:29 * Feureau places an order for an iPenis
08:29 < InitHello> Burstaholic: it would be horribly shameful if I *failed* to win a dick measuring contest
against a girl
08:29 < Aurum> Not really.
08:29 < Bucket> totally really!
08:30 < Applesuit> DICKS FOR THE EMPEROR
08:30 < ellipsis> this channel is cockful of bad jokes x_X
08:30 < LolCam> PEEN FOR THE QUEEN!
08:30 < imbrius> Applesuit: LOL – I just thought of something: What if you have a metric penis and your GF has
a Standard vagina? Is it like socket wrenches – do you need an interface kit?

08:32 < Applesuit> imbrius: Hm…
08:32 < Applesuit> imbrius: “Digital Versatile Dicks”

08:41 < nazgjunk> Things I like about Linux: This here is actually possible when running a system upgrade –
“After this operation, 1502kB disk space will be freed.”

09:23 < LolCam> Bear trapping, tracking, cock-fighting (with both literal and figurative cocks)
09:23 < Burstaholic> figurative cocks?
09:23 < sheepbat> e-penises

09:32 <@IceKarma> (layer 8==management)
09:32 < imbrius> IceKarma: kinda like g’night?
09:32 < ellipsis> IceKarma: err, what now?
09:32 < LolCam> I still think the Wind Waker cake is one of the cutest geeky cakes ever. And the Katamari cake
is pretty awesome
09:32 <@IceKarma> ellipsis, the eighth layer in the 7-layer OSI model is “management”
09:32 < ellipsis> IceKarma: the osi model stops at 7 >_>
09:32 -!- puddle [] has joined #xkcd
09:32 < imbrius> IceKarma: is it sad that I saw 8==management as a rather hideously deformed phallus?
09:33 <@IceKarma> imbrius, haha

09:37 < pikhq> On that cake: the rest of the cake doesn’t seem that bad. Splendid? No. But not bad. It’s the
frosting Tengwar that’s annoying.
09:37 < sheepbat> clearly you’re going to die soon



  1. #1 by Chadwick on June 28, 2010 - 10:02 AM

    So this is how you spend your days…it explains much.

    • #2 by Joshua on June 28, 2010 - 10:59 AM

      Well, this is how I spend the hours I’m not coding / playing WoW. That will hopefully change soon if this job interview goes well today.

      • #3 by Joshua on January 13, 2011 - 12:08 PM

        And it did. I’ve been working here now for 6 months.

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