Gah…fecking frustrating!

My gramps has now decided that taking care of grandma is too much, even after everyone (except my one of my money grubbing relatives) told him while she was still in a nursing home that it’d be best to leave her in there. So, now, he wants to apply to the state to get them to pay for a nursing home for both he and her. According to his financial advisor “the state can’t come after your primary house or your first $100k to pay for that”. Bull. Why the hell would my aunt have to sell her house, life insurance policies, stocks, and empty out her bank accounts if the state wasn’t going to come after it? Keeping in mind that ALL of that, combined, was less than $100k. Methinks it’s because the state said that for her to be in the program she couldn’t have any of that. Now, if my gramps divests himself, it’ll be considered a gift and they can go after that unless it’s a year out. But hey, what the hell do I know? I only had to fill out the form and read the denial letters for my aunt.

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