A succint truth

True communication is possible only between equals, because inferiors are more consistently rewarded for telling their superiors pleasant lies than for telling the truth.

The quote can be found in Eric S. Raymond’s thesis, The Cathedral and the Bazaar.  He credits it to the SNAFU principle of Discordianism but neither of my two copies of the Principia Discordia contain it.  At any rate, I’m quoting it here because it helps to explain part of the reason that equality is stressed so highly in Freemasonry and helps to explain how this principle has helped to sustain many Lodges through multiple centuries of existence.  Hierarchical, top-down organizations that lack this guiding principle seldom retain one form for very long.  The consistent application of this principle enables frank, honest, and open discussions wherein errors, problems, and disagreements can be easily dealt with dispassionately, spaing the emotions of the participants, among whom, therefore no contention should ever exist.



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