Keyboards half out of control

Attached to my Sun Ultra60:

Sun Ultra60

Sun Ultra60

is a Sun Type 6 keyboard:

Sun Type 6 Keyboard

Sun Type 6 Keyboard

I love the column of keys on the right:  Stop, Again, Props, Undo, Front, Copy, Open, Paste, Find, and Cut.  They are extremely useful.  I also finally realized why they were there:  because there’s only one control key.  The Control key on this type of keyboard is where the Caps Lock key is on a PC keyboard.  That makes combinations like Control-O, Control-P, and Control-+ very hard to do without using two hands.  The Alt Graph key is useful for sending commands to X11 windows and the Compose key is useful for never having to use Character Map for anything.  I still don’t see why they needed two diamond meta keys and only one Control – I use Control+something a ton more often than I use diamond+something.

That and my keyboard needs a good cleaning.

  1. #1 by Joshua on June 5, 2010 - 4:17 PM

    And don’t forget the massive HELP key in the top right of the layout. And the inexplicably blank and non-mapped key next to it.

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