Google the Stupid

I was googling to see if anyone had leaked any of the operating procedures from the bank I used to work at.  No, I wasn’t looking for security secrets or anything related to corporate espionage.  The end goal was to reteach myself IBM/370 JCL using some of the variable names and keywords I remembered from the job at the bank.  Anyway, I typed OPN.OPER.JOBSLIB (the dataset on the mainframes that contained all the corporate-blessed JCLs) into Google’s search.  The top pages were about Opera (both the musical narrative art and the web browser), which makes sense because Google saw “oper” and figured maybe I just forgot the “a.”  But the rest of the results were inexplicably about Manuel Noriega, the ousted Panamanian dictator.  WTF, google?  How do you get “Manuel Noriega” from “OPN.OPER.JOBSLIB?”

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