Why Lynx is still my browser of choice

On Horde, my Alienware gaming rig, I have CentOS 5.5 with the default GNOME desktop.  It’s pretty basic, done up like Red Hat Linux 9 with the retro Bluecurve Classic window borders and controls and such.  So why in the world do I launch Lynx for web browsing instead of Firefox 3?

Well, it depends on the site.  Some sites like reference pages are just better organized when viewed with a text-only browser.  It also gives an added advantage in parsing speed:  My brain can read text better with no images to distract me.  Bonus:  No ads.

If I do need to look at an image, Lynx can do that, too since I’m running it from withtin a desktop session – it just downloads the image at your request and launches your default image viewer.

I also like being able to do green on black text – reminds me of the awesome green phosphor screens on the AT&T 3B2s.  Speaking of – if anyone has any old AT&T, DEC, or HP minicomputer hardware that still works, I may be interested.  Especially 3B2 parts, manuals, OS tapes, etc.

So unless there’s a pressing need to do things graphically or with JavaScript, my browser of choice is still Lynx.

Reading the Jargon File with Lynx

Reading the Jargon File with Lynx

  1. #1 by rmv7213 on June 1, 2010 - 1:30 PM

    My favorite thing about Lynx is how freakin’ fast it loads any page.


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