Is this really what it’s come to?

I’ m just getting around to this now, but a couple weeks ago I was replacing a cell phone battery for my gramps. That meant that I had to go take a ride out to Cudahy and hop into the cell phone store. As I got out of my car I read a sign that was posted on the building, something about calling the cops for any suspicious activities. I don’t exactly think that Cudahy has to worry about subversive activities, so I think that’s just a little bit overkill. Besides, your view of suspicious and my view may be two completely differing views. One person may view loitering as suspicious, and another may just view it as people loitering.

So, now, with this Times Square “attempt” (honestly, who the hell would think that firecrackers could blow up propane tanks? Sure, the flash point of gas is really low, but that’s assuming an ideal stoichiometric ratio. Gasoline doused fuses/firecrackers are generally not going to cause the gas to start on fire), Lieberman has introduced a bill to strip “terrorists” of their citizenship. Now, terrorists are naturally those involved in terrorism, so I’ll pick one of the most broad definitions, but still a definition;  “the term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.”

By this definition, when we helped to overthrow the Iranian government, those involved are all terrorists and are able to lose their citizenship. The same goes for the Bay of Pigs. You could possibly even make this apply to the current Iraqi situation. The other problem is what happens if the definition of terrorism becomes more widely defined? Remember just a couple days ago the market indices took a dip because of a glitch. What happens if stocks all fall and someone or something is behind it?

Most importantly, what happens if you lose your citizenship? You lose all the protections afforded you by the Constitution, and you can sit in jail for a very long time, or “disappeared”.

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