Short Beer Recommendation: Rodenbach Grand Cru

I’ve been waiting a while for an importer to pick this one out.  It’s from Belgium.  It’s a traditional Belgian ale.  It pours muddy brown from the bottle with visible sediment.  It builds a Cafe au Lait head of microfoam that lingers for almost the whole glass.  The aroma isn’t very strong but it’s very fruity and malty.

The first sip is of sour wine or maybe cranberry juice.  The mid-taste takes on a red wine flavor and adds a hint of sweet malt.  The rear taste turns that sweet malt to a buttery, meaty mushroom flavor.  And the aftertaste is of sweet butter and malt.  It leaves a lingering sourness on the palate.  This would be a perfect beer with an old-fashioned pot roast dinner.

Overall, I’d say that if you like Hunter’s Sauce, you’ll love this beer.  I almost typed wine because this almost doesn’t taste like beer.

Thanks to Chad for mentioning this one over a year ago.  This is a short recommendation because WordPress is being stupid and only loading half the time.  Though it could be my router as I know that it’s dying.

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