Coffee Update

I posted this recommendation on Alterra’s George’s Burly Blend.  I’d only ever tried it as auto-drip – never as espresso or French Press.  Until this morning.

I was resisting having coffee this morning ’cause I’m going golfing soon and I didn’t want to be tweaked and jittery for golf.  But I was falling asleep playing WoW so I decided to have one cup (one 6 ounce cup, not one of my 16 ounce /dev/mugs) of French Press.

George’s Burly Blend is another coffee altogether when brewed in a French Press.  Where it’s bold and in-your-face as auto-drip, it’s more of a solid, well-rounded coffee in a French Press.  Compare drinking a rich, roasty English Porter ale straight and then that same ale after 6 months of aging.  That’s about the equivalent of drip vs. French Press for this coffee.  The French Press version comes out very heavy and with increased bitterness but without the rough-around-the-edges flavors that usually accompany coffee of this robustness.  Also, the aftertaste is totally different.  Where the drip method gives a good medium-roast aftertaste with hints of darker toastiness, the French Press method gives a distinct washed almond or bitter hazelnut flavor.  It’s kind of weird but very good.  I highly recommend trying George’s Burly Blend in a French Press.

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