Darken the Light!

Last night I (and about 100 other Masons from around the state) attended an Entered Apprentice Degree at Aurora Lodge.  Aurora Lodge is a German-speaking Lodge that works in the French Rite of Masonry (as opposed to the English Rite which is what the Grand Lodge of WI works).  I learned a lot about Masonry.  I also learned how much German I don’t know, even though I understood a lot more than I thought I would.

The funniest part was the second time they turned off the lights.  The Secretary was busy writing and didn’t notice the lights being turned off.  So I leaned over and politely told him “Verdunkeln sie das Licht!”  He shut the light off.  After the Degree, he came up to me and said “you told me to ‘darken the light.'”  I assumed you meant to shut it off.  I said that I did indeed mean that.  He laughed.  I still don’t know how to say “Turn off the light.” in German.  😛

Aurora Lodge has different officers from other Blue Lodges.  I couldn’t catch the German term for the Worshipful Master.  Wikipedia (auf Deutsch) gives it as “Meister vom Stuhl” (Master of the Chair) but that’s not what Aurora’s Master is called.  If I had to make a phonetic guess, I would say I heard it as “Ewige Meister” but that means “Eternal Master” and doesn’t make much sense in context.

The Senior and Junior Wardens (who sit parallel to each other just West of the Altar), are called the Erster und Zweiter Aufseher (first and second supervisor).

The Treasurer is the Schatzmeister and the Secretary is the Schriftführer.  Both of which translate directly (Treasure-master and Writing-leader).

The Senior Deacon is called the Zeremonienmeister (Master of Ceremonies) and the Junior Deacon (who sits where the Chaplain would sit in an English Rite Lodge), also has a different name which I can’t remember.

There is only one Steward (whose title includes the German word for “Temple.”) and it seems his job is similar to that of the Junior Deacon in an English Rite Lodge.  He sits in the West.

It was a real learning experience and I am excited to possible attend a Fellowcraft or Master Mason degree there in the future.  And also learn more German.

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