For Chad Reference

I had wine last night.  I ate dinner at South Woods in Cudahy with the Lake Lodge Brethren.  It was a amazingly awesome time.  I had Chicken Cordon Bleu with hollandaise sauce.  It was just flipping awesome.  And I had wine.  I ordered the cheapest wine they had – it was Salmon Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.  And it was damn good!  I mean like I could drink it all day and never get tired of it.

Lake Lodge is full of cops – most of them active members of the Milwaukee Police Department.  I listened to them swap cop stories which were really funny.  The food, even the soup, was kits excellent.  I highly recommend everyone goes there and has a food! We had 31 people there last night and it was a rockin’ party.  It was far from stuffy – it was welcoming and cordial.

  1. #1 by Joshua on April 23, 2010 - 11:36 AM

    Lol. I just looke dup Salmon Creek.a The brand is owned by Bronco, whe sme people who make two buck check. The winey sites all sayt hat Salmon Creek is pure shit and nobody should be drinking it. I guess I just habe cheap teste in wines. 😛

    • #2 by Joshua on April 23, 2010 - 11:39 AM

      And I’m not drinl, I had a panic attack sorting through the langru this morning and took an honest-to-god diazepam because I was out of dramamine which ends the attack without making me all loopy. Incidentally, Diazepam is one f the drugs that he denstist gices me (in addition to halcyon powder sublingually) to put me to sleep so he can do root canals and extractions and the 8 hour 19-tooth cavity drill-n-fill sessions.

  2. #3 by Phillip on April 24, 2010 - 12:01 AM

    If my memory serves, the owner of the place is someone that used to work there. I know he did something in the kitchen, but I don’t remember if he was a cook or the chef. Regardless, they do have really good food. And not badly priced either.

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