When piracy doesn’t pay

Back when Windows NT 4 was the new thing and Pentium II 350 was the minimum requirement for running South Park on a PC, I used to have a significant stash of unlicensed software.  Now, I have none that I’m aware of.  I didn’t suddenly become a software piracy saint.  They’ve now just made it more of a hassle to pirate software than it would be to buy it.

Case in point.  I have Morrowind and Tribunal but I never got around to buying Bloodmoon.  I don’t want to spend money on the GotY edition just to get the $8 Bloodmoon expansion.  So I looked on the ‘net for a bittorrent.  I found one with all three .isos (Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon), downloaded it, and burned the Bloodmoon iso to a DVD.

I put the DVD in and it auto-launched just fine.  Here’s the autoload screen:

Bloodmoon autoload screen

Bloodmoon autoload screen

Okay….   I know that the “ы” letter is from the Cyrillic alphabet used to write Russian and other Slavic languages but I don’t think U or g are Cyrillic letters.  I know for a fact that “ϩ” is the Coptic letter Hori (and also IPA tone two), but U, g, and ы aren’t Coptic either.  The “Demku” line appears to start with a Coptic letter Dalda (sorry, no Unicode glyph that I could find) but e, m, and k are not Coptic letters.

All this is without mentioning that Coptic is only used for Egyptian religious ceremonies in the modern world.

So if anyone can tell me what language this software is written in, that would be helpful.

If I select the “Usmanobum” line, it starts installing.  Then I get this:

Ia Cthulhu Morrowind F'tagn!

Ia Cthulhu Morrowind F'tagn!

If I do a screenshot really fast, I can catch the “InstallShield Wizard is preparing some shit” message:

?????????????????? Morrowind ??????????? InstallShield Wizard ???????

?????????????????? Morrowind ??????????? InstallShield Wizard ???????

Evidently, I don’t have the ancient Coptic version of Morrowind installed…  I thought that all games included dead language packs.

So it looks like I’ll be sticking with my legally bought and paid for Morrowind and Tribunal.  The stupid thing is that I didn’t really want Bloodmoon per se but many of the plugins and graphics tweaks I want to use with Morrowind require the Bloodmoon-patched Morrowind.exe (V1.6.0).

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    On an unrelated note, since my Pastor and I both speak near-fluent Spanish, we often alternate between Spanish and English during normal conversations. Yesterday, I was at church discussing the music for Saturday afternoon worship services. I turned to the Pastor and asked, “Woher ist das Gesangbuch?” Erm. Okay. I know I randomly slip into Spanish but this is the first time I’ve randomly slipped into German, which I can barely understand as it is. My brain does strange things.

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