There is a logistical nightmare carnival

Canton, Ohio, although his future sexual freedom, basic first carnival organizers Belsner Jerry, 33, scheduling nightmare Happy Mondays recognize behavior.

You do not know the last few weeks, he said: Belsner. Everything that can go wrong, but I decided, it is still the best carnival ever .. you can see F

Complications Belsner planning began immediately after the explosion, will be 26th April in his home.

I am not so naive to believe what happened to the carnival, so I called to tell me, Belsner. I hope that all costs, but if you start thinking about everything, we must

Kao – food, drinks, band, condoms, lubricants and video porn and anal beads, fake penis, batteries, Albania n – skating, obviously, is a huge bag of successful practices.

This is a great success, for their approval. At this point, I try to look to save some money.

Efforts of many headaches is Belsner tastes of different nationalities.

Randy did not want to play, because she found sex uncomfortable, he said: Belsner. But Phil said he could not do it without complaint, so I have two rooms, one is not good?

And unlike Karen Carnival, pornographic movies, and Mark married, I just want a girl trio.

I have a lot of different rooms, but if all the fumigation, two, three-way fuckfest dedicated only reason, but not all.

Read Belsner: I will swim in the living room, we can not put my oil carpet, but I’m in another room or a sex trip. Power is complex, and why?

In the most tragic aspects of change can lead to confusion Belsner. In the case of Romania jacket idol naked women in Mexican Hat Belsner first question.

This is my stupid part, he said. Mexican food is very good explosion: Nobody likes genital sauce, but it will happen, urged the two nude photos photoshopping hat night.,

I can not open.

Another complication is the choice in this case, adult toys.

I think trailers and a fake penis vibrator, said: Belsner. I want people to enjoy as much as possible, but only a few scarves used to calculate tremulous light bondage.

I asked people to improve? Oh, I have friends, but a good game on the road. Maybe I’ll rent a damn swing butterfly pinata ornament found.

While the Road said, and expressed hope that pay close attention to the level of problems and confusion Belsner today.

I do not know when I have time to clean up, find and install everything, said Belsner. My boss asked me to attend meetings of the game you say, Sorry, we do training in Columbus, there will be?

When it all began, he said: Tony [such as three nights] and [Knight], it will help, but Jack did not do, unless the dog droppings, for free sex baby, I can go into the bladder.

Another growing problem is the relationship between husband and wife. Ortega said, Belsner strong bias for men of all ages.

Ideally, I asked each boy, two girls, said: Belsner. Man, now I think I’ll be very happy if I bag for each girl. In response to this question, we have 10 and 4 females.

He and four women, said that the two men and a woman who can not see the ratio of 50/50. Only two women, apparently, not arrogance, that’s it.

Although it is considered to be women who want to live Belsner Carnival alternative local newspapers as a last resort to describe members of the floor.

You do not know who’s advertising, said: Belsner. He added: I just put a small and cozy, this is the first time the carnival, I do not want people to know, in reality, at least, friends of friends.

Women’s issues, people who are willing to do something, but it may be consistent with this account.

Art Schonbrod important writers, and between global and local alternative Belsner dissatisfaction, confusion in the first case the organizers.

The first discovery, most notably the scope of the carnival, said: Schonbrod. Music Camp, guest list, and can be very difficult.

The designer must remember that the last, all the pictures are good. Most importantly, friends and acquaintances Union at a meeting in the evening and the honor of the country.

If [Belsner it], so that all pay attention to it, it will be most remembered for years is not enough.

I believe that everything will be fine, everyone should have enough time, said Mexican restaurant Belsner phone food prices. For me, only when necessary.

This was an article from The Onion, run through the Bad Translator 10 times.

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