The Sysadmin’s Lament

In my logwatch message today, I saw this:

 --------------------- sendmail-largeboxes (large mail spool files) Begin ------------------------ 

 Large Mailbox threshold: 40MB (41943040 bytes)
  Warning: Large mailbox: imbrius (63755382)
 ---------------------- sendmail-largeboxes (large mail spool files) End ------------------------- 

And I was mild insulted.

I actually thought to myself, “Who does this server think it is, getting all uppity about the size of my mail spool?”  Then I remembered that I am the one who sets the spool size limits.

And I picked 40MB for a good reason:  If all 28 users suddenly got 40MB worth of new mail, it would max out the spamassassin shared memory segment.  So I guess I need to clean up my 500 messages in my inbox (which get left in my mail spool).  If I move them to IMAP folders then they get put in mbox files in my home directory and no longer count against the spool limit.

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