The cat of Titus feeds small [belchonka]

It’s time for another Russian Forum Babelfish.

Today, this post.

This is the actual post:

The cat of Titus feeds small [belchonka], which its owner selected in the park and brought home. But its kitten made friends [belchonkom]. Here is this idyll:)

From the context, I would presume that a “belchonka” is a squirrel.


  • [Fotki] Of reuters from the site RIA of the news
    Well, this is really just the photo credit.
  • nevertheless then [sozhret
    Uhh… what?
  • Who? Bunny?
    No, squirrel.
  • kitten – [belchonka], when they grow up
    Yes – kitten becomes cat when they grow up.  I would presume a [belchonka] would stay a [belchonka].
  • [Ekh]…
  • [nea], not [pogryzut]. Lived [belchonok] even two tomcats:) they only played – aggressively, of course, but there were no graters whatever:)
    Depending on what graters are, squirrels and tomcats get along well.
  • I am dragged!!!! I so to protein want!!!
    Huh?  Wha…?
  • But as orange [shpyts]?
    Orange shpyts?
  • proteins are very clever:) they [podruzhatsya] – with the spire, with the cat, and with the mice: “) “) “) “)
    Good to know that proteins are very clever.  But what do proteins do with spires, cats and mice?
  • It is must. She did not know:)
  • and by them by all so it is far to the Iraqi oil and the Olympic passions… it seems, in me was once almost accurately this carpet.
    How’d we get on the Iraqi oil and Olympic passions?  And what was accurate about the carpet?
  • Afterward [segodnyashego] I already to the Olympiad spat. Not [vezet], so not [vezet]…
    Yeah, it’s sooooo not [vezet].
  • Yes that about this to think? Entire country mentally already in Sochi.
    Yup, we’re all mentally already in Sochi.
  • I hope, although there to us it will transport:)
    I hope so too.
  • It seems me, the matter entirely not in the luck. I.e. in the luck – in the [neglavnuyu] turn.
    Lucky bastards, those [neglaynuyu].
  • Well yes, in the totality
  • Glorious family!
    A squirrel and a cat are a very glorious family.
  • Yes, [simpatyagi] are such:)
    We don’t know what simpatyagi are.
  • is there no here something unnatural?
    Yes.  A squirrel and a cat.  Didn’t you see the picture?
  • [Nemnozhno] is strange, it is agreeable:)
    Hmm… someone’s a bit curious.
  • they are excellent and [belchonok] and the kitten
    Yes, they are.
  • Aha:)
    You found it?
  • it is excellent!
  • 🙂

Ekranomaraniya – Mimimi – [Ekranomaraniya] – [Mimimi

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