State of the Cellar

Holiday Beers

  • Hook Norton Twelve Days
  • Reaper Ale Sleighor
  • Brasserie D’Achouffe N’ice Chouffe
  • Corsendonk Christmas Ale
  • Affligem Noel
  • Ridgeway Insanely Bad Elf
  • Ridgeway Criminally Bad Elf

Fruity Beers

  • Fonteiner Oude Kriek Lambic
  • New Glarus Cherry Stout
  • Sprecher Generation Porter

Wheat Beers

  • Blue Moon Grand Cru

Dark Beers

  • Weissenhoe Bonator
  • Guinness 250 Stout
  • Guinness Extra Stout
  • Sam Adams Triple Bock
  • Sam Adams Double Bock
  • Sam Adams Imperial Stout

The Guinness Extra Stout and the Blue Moon Grand Cru are growler-sized bottles.  The Corsendonk Christmas Ale and Oude Kriek Lambic are cobalts.  The Sprecher Generation Porter is a pint bottle.  The rest are 10-12 ounces.

The Sam Adams Triple Bock is 13 years old.  If anyone is interested in sharing these beers or wants me to bring one of them to a party, just let me know.  Thanks!

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