What I’ve Been Up To

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but that’s because I’ve not really had anything to post. So, instead, I’ll give a couple glimpses into my past couple weeks.

A couple weeks ago I got a bill from WFHC for my ER visit on Christmas Day, 2008. Granted, I didn’t have insurance, but I paid my ER doctor, and I called up up WFHC to pay. I mentioned that I didn’t have insurance, and they cut their portion in half and I paid my bit on the spot. A couple months later, I got another bill, but this time for the portion that I didn’t owe. So, I called them up again, explained what happened, and was told that it’d be taken care of. Skip ahead another couple months and I got yet another bill. Wash, rinse, repeat. A couple weeks ago I got my last one, my last notice. I had enough, and ended up getting in touch with one of the execs there and it was all taken care of. A 3 minute phone call took care of something that I’ve been trying to get taken care of for months.

I now have a grave plot. It was a gift. How lovely is that?

The dryer broke. I went delving into the world of service manuals and schematics. Actually, let me rephrase that dryer thing. The $1300 dryer broke a $250 piece 3 months outside the warranty period. Anyways, I broke out the schematics and service manual and went to narrow it down to 1 thing. I maintain that dryers should not have electronics on them in any way, shape, or form. My dad does this stuff for a living, and I argued with him on a couple different instances on what was wrong. Before the electronics went to hell in a hand basket, if you unplugged the thermal fuse, it’d be the same as having a blown fuse. Nope. He said the fuse is bad, so we must replace it. Waitaminute, the drum, which feeds off that line, is spinning when the fuse is plugged in, yet it’s somehow the fuse? We ended up not replacing the fuse. Then he went and said that the thermistor is bad, but, when we measured the resistance it was right where I’d predicted it to be with ambient temperature. So, he wasn’t buying this either, Then we measured the voltage. It was 5V coming in and 3.2V leaving. Yes, it’s working like it’s supposed to. Apparently, he doesn’t buy this. I then head out to West Allis to grab a new thermistor and a couple induction coils for the valves. I plugged the new thermistor in and we had the exact same problem. Eventually, we know someone that has some connections to higher ups at Whirlpool and they send someone out who decides that the problem is the electronics, the exact same thing I had been saying all along. And, yes, we called up Whirlpool and they said that it was out of warranty, so we were shit out of luck. Until I got in touch with a higher up. So, maybe, when this stupid part comes, we’ll have a working dryer again and have to replace the part in a year.

There’s a chance that we’re NOT getting rid of the cottage now, and there’s also a chance that the cottage is going to be put into my name.

I’ve been teaching someone how to drive stick, and it wasn’t working too well. They killed it 3 times, but the first time they did a burnout. I’m probably going to end up teaching another couple people, and that’s cool with me because everyone should know how to do it.

That’s really about it for the past couple weeks. I’ve been doing my regular poker thing, heading out to drink (the other day I had a good single malt scotch), and just general fucking around. I did head out to a roller derby a couple weekends ago and it’s not quite my thing.

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