The Ash Grove

Those of us who attend church on a regular basis (and those of us into Welsh folk music) will be familiar with The Ash Grove.  The tune has been used for lots of modern Protestant hymns.  And it’s just a really fun song.  I’ve finally gotten around to learning it on the Stick.  It’s also really fun to play, especially the middle section (measures 17-24).

Here’s a PDF of the sheet music (in A major – I usually play it in C to make it easier on our organist).

  1. #1 by Joshua on March 16, 2010 - 8:05 AM

    LOL and for the first time, I realized that if a guitar were tuned according to how guitar music was written, the C chord in first position would be anchored directly on middle C and the entire first position of the sixth string would be noted on the bass clef. That’s one reason I love the Stick – I can play piano music without having to adjust the whole thing up 1 octave. That, and piano music is written such that the right hand always plays the treble clef and the left always plays the bass clef – makes it easier to sight read for the Stick. When playing guitar music on the Stick, I need to mentally translate chords into left-hand bass scales instead of just being able to read the notes and play.

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