M:”Was I in it?” J:”Yes, but you were roadkill.” M:”But I was in it! ;-)”

Okay.  If you get the reference in the title, you’re my new best friend.  Anyway, Matt will be pleased to know that I’m setting up the GX1 he gave me.  He’ll also be happy to know that even though I didn’t DBAN the hard drive, I never even booted it – I popped the CentOS 5.4 netinstall CD in and booted that.  So his precious (and probably very outdated) personal info is safely gone now that I’ve repartitioned it for Linux.

I’ve named the new router “mort.”  Refer to the title of the post.  I will post pics once the box is no longer wedged between my mom’s desktop and the desk (I borrowed her AC, keyboard, mouse, and monitor for the setup as the box will run headless once it’s done.)  Oh, didn’t I mention?  It’s gonna be my new router / firewall.  Same model of Dell desktop as my current one, just in pizzabox form factor instead of tower.  But it makes a difference – it’s much quieter than the tower form.

  1. #1 by Joshua on March 16, 2010 - 11:29 AM

    Mmm… homemade burger with pepper jack, colby, and American cheeses and a pint of Sprecher Irish Stout! Perfect techie lunch to celebrate a successful Linux install.

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