My Doctor is awesome

Last Saturday, I went to the walk-in clinic at my local doctor’s office with typical sinus infection symptoms.  I saw one of the docs (not my regular).  He said that I indeed had a mild sinus infection and gave me a prescription for antibiotics.  It was one that I hadn’t had before (and I’ve had LOTS of antibiotics).  I took the 10 day course and it helped.  Until three days after I finished and the symptoms came back much worse.

So today I went to see my regular doc.  He looked in my nose and ears and said that I had a pretty bad sinus infection now – it was all swollen and inflamed.  He looked at the drug the other doc prescribed and said out loud, “What is this guy doing?  That isn’t going to do crap for a sinus infection!  It’s just going to piss the bacteria off even more!”  He gave me a prescription for Augmentin, which I’ve had many times and which always works for sinus infections for me.  My doc says stuff like that all the time.  Like when my CT scan results showed very mild steatosis of the liver.  He laughed and asked if I wanted a prize for my fatty liver disease.  He said that if he pulled a random person off the street, their liver would look much worse than mine. He said that fatty liver disease is caused by the types of food we westerners habitually eat.  Also, when my esophogram showed a tiny rolling hiatal hernia.  He squinted at the pictures and said “Well, the radiologist must have better eyes than I do, ’cause everything looks fine to me.”  Then he said that just about everyone gets a hiatal hernia at some point in their lives and that there’s really nothing that can or needs to be done about it.

I told him about the dream I had where he held me down and forced me to get a sinus lift (which the oral surgeon said was necessary before they could remove my wisdom teeth).  To clarify, the oral surgeon I saw a couple of years ago really did say I needed a sinus lift.  The doc holding me down and forcing me to get it done was just a dream.  Anyway, the doctor laughed and said, “What in the world is a sinus lift?  Does he, like, use a scissor jack from a car to jack them up or something?”  He thought the notion of holding me down and giving me a procedure he never heard of was just freaking hilarious.

I went across the hall to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled.  The pharmacy was clogged with people waiting for prescriptions and I soon saw why:  A mentally-challenged man was standing at the counter, projectile vomiting all over the point-of-sale equipment.  I decided to come back later.

(I did come back about an hour later – they had it all cleaned up by then.)

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