Didn’t get what I came for

Samuel Adamns Noble Pils

Samuel Adamns Noble Pils

I went to Discount Liquor in search of a bottle of Sam Adams Noble Pils.  I didn’t find one.

They had cases and 6-packs but no individual bottles.  But they did have a very nice display of rare and limited-edition Sam Adams brews.  The one that caught my eye right away was a row of 1997 vintage Sam Adams Triple Bock.  It was bottled at 18% ABV (!) and Lord only knows what’s happened to this beer in the 13 years (!) it’s been aging.  It’s a very small bottle and I’d love to share it with someone.  Please let me know.

I also got a small bottle of New Glarus Unplugged Cherry Stout.  The Unplugged series are experimental brews that the brewmaster at New Glarus thinks are good.  They’re very limited editions and unlikely to ever be made again.

Also on the Sam Adams display were 2007 vintage Imperial Series bottles.  I got an Imperial Stout and a Double Bock.

I also have a 1p6oz bottle of this year’s Guinness Extra Stout.

All these beers are going in the cellar.  The Guinness isn’t ready for drinking yet but the rest are ready to go at any time.  Please let me know if anyone’s interested in sharing in my treasure chest of brews.

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